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One week in Los Angeles

4 years ago / travel / usa / los angeles

What we did in Lalaland!

Back to being a travel blogger wtf.

I'm currently deciding between Japan (again, I know) or London for our Christmas holidays and it's just so difficult! Japan looks seemingly easier cause of the shorter flight time and I really want to visit Hiroshima but London might work out better for us with Junior in tow since we have family there and would be living in an apartment instead of hotel... suggestions anyone?

Anyway, with my current case of wanderlust, I've decided to start on the Lalaland diaries!

We were there for a week and while it's good enough to touch-and-go everything, it's definite not enough to fully experience the city. I want to go back again and this time round, just chill at Venice Beach for a day. Or maybe two.

What we did in Los Angeles

Paul Smith Pink Wall

The pink wall that EVERYBODY on Instagram goes to. It's the wall of the Paul Smith store on Melrose Ave and when you get there, be prepared to disappointed that it's just a wall haha. Then get enraged by the 1001 other people before you (my advice is to get there REALLY early, like 8am kinda early) and finally, get all bummed out again when you find out that you cannot use your camera. Strictly phones only and they are VERY strict about it. But the iPhone does its job pretty well I must say.

In-N-Out Burger

Okay. These are not the BEST burgers of my life - Shake Shack still holds that title - but they are pretty much the best on the West Coast. Go for the double-double 'cause... go big or go home. It's not revolutionary in terms of flavours, think of it as a cheeseburger done extremely right from the patty texture, quality cheese right down to em' fluffy buns.

Skip the animal fries though and opt for a vanilla shake instead. Mmmm.

Hollywood Sign

There are people who hike all the way up to the sign and then there are people (i.e. me) who just drive there, get out of the car and snap a shot for the 'gram lol. Just enter Lake Hollywood Park into your GPS* and voila!

I don't know if there's an actual lake though lol? It's more like a cliff wtf that's quite pretty at sunset.

*If you're renting a car, be sure to get a GPS as well. Do not rely on your phone and Google Maps because there WILL be long stretches that you'll run out of connectivity and you don't know how many times I've thanked my trusty GPS. Though that British-accented bitch can be bloody annoying at times. Like woman, I KNOW I have to turn right. Stop repeating it every 2 seconds damnit.

Oh there's really a lake. I just saw this pic lol.


I came across this place on a Buzzfeed video... one of those cheap vs expensive reviews and of course this has to be the cheap option lol but OMG this was SO SO SO GOOD. Easily one of the top ten scratch that, make that top five meals OF MY LIFE.

It's in no way authentic (at least to me) and I usually describe it as "nonsense American-style sushi" BUT I LOVE IT. When I was in the US, I would UberEATS sushi rolls almost every other day. The spicy scallop roll here is a must-order!

Staples Centre

I'm no basketball fan but I suffer from a major case of FOMO haha so I tagged along for a game despite not knowing anything about the sport.

The atmosphere was really good and the hotdogs and popcorn, excellent LOL.

Other activities we did in LA include checking out Universal Studios (Harry Potter!!!!), Rodeo Drive and Justin Bieber's house. For real. Which all deserve separate posts of their own so check back soon!