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Our Biggest Fight EVER

8 years ago / married life / personal / hong kong

Last evening, before dinner, I told the boy that we’d have to settle our Hong Kong - Macau hotels that night.

We came home and as usual, he happily logged on to his DOTA game, I played some Candy Crush and waited till I used up all my lives before reminding him about the hotels booking.

He replied some mambo jumbo about snipers to his friends over Skype, so I watched the 9pm show on Channel 8 (the study doesn’t have Cable) and waited for him to be done with his game.

An hour later, he was still rattling on about raping some asses and so I called Simin for our usual girly updates. 30 minutes later, I told him AGAIN that I was waiting for him to be done with his game.

At 15 minutes to midnight, after a lot of Instagram surfing and Facebook stalking, I decided to get started on the hotels research first. So I left the study to return to the bedroom and reminded him (again) to “quickly finish up his game”.

I short-listed a few hotels and Facebook - messaged him to check them out and went to slap on my face mask. No reply after 30 minutes.

I then Whatsapped him to see his Facebook messages and went to read 2 chapters of ‘Wedding Night’ by Sophie Kinsella. Still no reply.

So I walked down to the study to see him raping some more asses.

The usual me would have thrown a hugggggeeeee bitch fit at this point.

But I didn’t.

I calmly went back to my room, logged on to Agoda, and sorted the Hong Kong hotels by price.


Then, I booked the harbour view suite at the Marco Polo hotel for 5 nights - and charged the grand total of $4500 to his credit card.

And patiently waited for him to get the SMS notification from UOB about the transaction.

He was shocked, then furious, then guilty and suddenly I was back to being a bigger priority than DOTA.

Anyway, I did cancel the booking in the end (I made sure I selected a hotel with no cancellation charges haha).

And when I asked him, “So, what was your first thought when you got that SMS?”

His reply? “I was thinking of how I can call the bank and report my wife for stealing my credit card details.”