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Tempat Senang

7 years ago / girlfriends / travel / indonesia

Last weekend, I went on a getaway with my girls!

Last weekend, I went on a getaway with my girls!

It was Weiyin’s hen’s trip!

And it was at BATAM. I know, I know, you must be thinking who the hell goes to Batam except for dirty old men looking for their mistresses right? And truth is, that’s what we were all thinking ourselves right to the very last second before we departed lol.

Our decision-making process went from Taiwan (too long a flight for a weekend, we’ll spend all our time on the plane wtf) to Hong Kong to Bangkok… then any beach resorts in Bali and Bintan and we almost settled on Avillion again but it was full T_T

Just as well also lah.. can you imagine 4 of us girls on the NS highway? :/

Then we chanced upon Tempat Senang

Looks good right?!

It was the only destination that allowed us to depart on a Sat morning and return on a Sunday night (no need take leave), had availability for this particular weekend (these girls are such jetsetters seriously.. every other weekend somebody’s somewhere), didn’t involve driving and had such glowing reviews on TripAdvisor!

Plus it didn’t cost an arm and a leg like Banyan Tree.

But to be honest, it isn’t cheap cheap either. We were doing the math the day before departure and realised it was over $400 per person for one night (including ferry tickets lah) and were quite mortified… cause it’s BATAM after all right?

But after our stay, I’M COMPLETELY SOLD!

It didn’t feel like we were in Batam at all!

It could have passed off as some exotic yoga/ spa retreat resort in Sri Lanka or something.


Because we booked so last minute, we got the Thai villa.

They have quite a few themes to choose from.. I want the Abu Dhabi Harem Suite next time!

I thought I would be quite freaked out by the Thai theme cause of all the figurines around (plus it’s 7th month somemore ok!!!) and you know how I’m super easily spooked but despite them being very lavish with the decorations (really they spared no expense to make the villa super Thai -__-).. I wasn’t creeped out at all. The place felt very “clean” if you know what I mean…

The bathroom…

And the second bedroom!

So we arrived, checked in, had lunch (food was sumptuous btw!) and proceeded for our 3 hour spa session.

I opted for an hour of Balinese massage, facial and hair treatment.

The hair treatment was really good.. I went for the Avocado one and my hair is still super soft after three days.

In fact my greatest regret this trip is not buying the treatment cream home from the spa boutique :’( Not that it was expensive.. only $20 for 2 bottles!!! (Yes, they accept SGD there) so I’m not sure why was I so stingy then wtf.

Now when I wash my hair, all I can think about is the avocado hair cream that got away :’(

Simin & Weiyin did the hot herbal compress instead and they were raving about it so maybe I’ll try that next time for my aching shoulders… Sighhh. AGEING WOES!


After our spa session, we returned to the suite to shower and prepare for our seven-course dinner!


Channeling Marilyn Monroe lol.

me and fatbear

Fatbear goes to Batam!

Floral kimono from ClubCouture


And we surprised the bride-to-be with champagne and cake!

It was blackforest!!! Blackforest is my favouritest cake flavour and I used to have it for birthdays etc until I got together with the boy and as luck will have it, he absolutely abhors blackforest and wouldn’t even go near it with a 10 ft pole wtf and I’m such an understanding wife HAHA sooooo no more blackforest cake ><


Love these babes toooo much <3


And off we went to dinner!

It was at their open-air terrace restaurant which overlooks a lot of greenery and the golf course.

Quite a lovely place to have a looonngggg dinner and chat without the boys around!


Course #1 (Thailand): Mieng Kham tasty spicy-sweet parcels wrapped in betel leaf.

I copied the description from their website by the way haha.


So you put a bunch of stuff (desiccated coconut, peanuts, shrimps, lime etc) into the leaf and pop it into your mouth and it was pretty refreshing! I really liked the sauce :)


Course #2 (Vietnam): Rice paper wraps filled with veggies and prawn served with a sweet chili sauce.

I hate Vietnamese food and I was very reluctant to try this. But surprisingly, it was quite good - there was no vermicelli in the spring rolls and the vegetables went well with the sauce! I wouldn’t mind eating a second piece if not for the cilantro in there :/


Course #3 (Cambodia): Phnom Penh Noodle Soup. A rich broth garnished with egg, prawn, chicken and vegetables topped with chopped peanuts and fried onions.

I wanted to omit this dish because I just couldn’t get a decent picture BUT it was my favourite course so I am die die including this!

This was soooooooooooo good omg I want to go to Cambodia just to eat this everyday wtf. The noodles were cooked just right, the broth was so flavourful I can’t think of anything I DON’T like about this dish!


Course #4 (Philippines): Calamansi Calamari. Fried calamari marinated in calamansi juice with a mayo sauce

I’ve never thought calamari to be unique to the Philippines hahah but anyway this was okay lor.. calamari lor..

Could have went a little easier on the mayo perhaps?


Course #5 & 6 (Indonesia & Malaysia) (served together with rice)Beef rendang & Kaffir lime chicken.

I especially like the chicken.. the beef was a liiitttle tough and at this point I was sooo stuffed alr.

But there’s no such thing as being too full for desserts!


Course #7 (Australia): Sticky date pudding topped with caramel sauce

Before they served this, the girls and I were talking about how much we LOVE sticky date pudding (I think PS Cafe serves the best one around!) and we wanted to order it ala carte cause we saw it on the menu.

So imagine our happiness when they told us what’s for dessert :D :D :D

Sadly.. it wasn’t very sticky date pudding-ly. It was yummy! I enjoyed it very much but it tasted more like a chocolate (?) sponge cake instead.

Dinner ended abruptly here cause a hugeeee moth landed on my back wtf and got us all screaming to high heavens.

You know the huge black & white moths that have been showing up all over Singapore? -__-

A very kind server suddenly came up to me and picked it off me very quickly in a second or two but it was too late, I ended up screaming anyway and then he apologised profusely.

Told him he didn’t need to apologise cause it’s not his fault that the moth chose to land on me but anyway, one thing that is wonderful about the resort is their impeccable hospitality.

Even when we were spa-ing and all, there was zero upselling of any sorts.

This place totally deserves its #1 spot on TripAdvisor :)

Went back to our villa and spent the night catching This Means War.

And I decided that Tom Hardy is going to be my new boyfriend.

tom hardy

Hello, stranger.

The next morning, we had breakfast, caught The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (and want to go to India so badly!!) and lazed around till it was time to checkout.

And that’s the end of our thai thai weekend.

We didn’t see much of Batam except the ferry terminal and the resort but to be honest, I think this is part of the reason why our stay was so delightful. I don’t have anything against Batam but I think some things are just meant to be experienced on their own ;)

I absolutely enjoyed our stay and ‘m looking forward to bringing the husband here for a weekend getaway.

More importantly, I cannot wait till our next girly vacation.. we’re thinking of Hong Kong in November so hopefully that materialises too!!!

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