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Parkroyal on Pickering

Our girly staycation!

This weekend, I did my annual staycation with my girlfriends from junior college (no husbands!)

We didn't plan for it to be regular like clockwork until Facebook reminded me that our trip last year happened over the same weekend.

Love these girls seriously - and how we are all not in the mothers zone, or anywhere near it. Our travel schedules are already so crazy - it took us over three months to find a weekend that we're ALL in town - I can't imagine how life would be with breastfeeding schedules and weekend enrichment classes thrown in.

So after my lunch with Heidi from The Ambitionista and Jo's crazy weekend yoga workshops, we checked into the newly-built Parkroyal on Pickering where we caught Confessions of a Shopaholic and took attempted to take some pajamas sleepover shots that didn't go very well. Then, we made our way to Keong Saik for a long four-course french dinner over red wine at Taratata Bistrot followed by MORE drinks at The Library.

No rushing to get home, no work calls, no angry husband in tow... just the 4 of us catching up on news, gossip, who's-dating-who and even politics before we headed back to our sprawling room (lucky us got an upgrade!) and ended the night with Wedding Crashers on the telly.

No pictures for the evening part because as you know,

The best nights are when you're having too much fun to take photos.

3 Upper Pickering Street
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