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philosophy ultimate miracle worker

5 years ago / beauty

The best is yet to come!

I first knew about philosophy way back in 2005 before they made their way to our Singapore shelves because I was super taken in by their bath & shower gels (they have the MOST amazing scents like vanilla birthday cake and coconut frosting) and their signature purity one-step cleanser so I was ordering from their US site and happily shipping my orders to Singapore. (Actually not very happy lah, cause had to wait 2-3 weeks for shipping lol.)

Then they came to Singapore and I feel that my prayers finally got answered.

Today, they further answer my prayers with their ultimate miracle worker range which combines anti-ageing AND full light spectrum protection with the most amazing textures philosophy's products are known to have.

Did you know? UVA and UVB sunscreens have long been an industry standard for sun protection, but that's just part of the story. UVA and UVB make up only 7% of light spectrum while visible light and infrared comprise 93% and can induce 50% of free radicals that contribute to skin damage and premature ageing.

The philosophy ultimate miracle worker range is the first all-in-one anti-aging miracle products with full-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, infrared AND visible light.

The day range provides full light spectrum protection and helps the skin to rejuvenate and repair itself for more firm, dense and radiant skin with patented bi-retinol + active plants cells that helps rebuild natural collagen and rejuvenate skin layer by layer.

I've been using the ultimate miracle worker emulsion as my day moisturiser and sunscreen and I really like how it's so lightweight that it simply melts into your skin. It comes with SPF 25 so it's enough for my day-to-day activities if I'm not going to be under the sun much like at the beach etc. Besides hydrating the skin, it also helps to improve skin density and radiance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pore size.

I'm also using the ultimate miracle worker eye which is dermatologically proven to offer advanced, comprehensive protection and defence against all key signs of ageing with its skin rejuvenators, vitamin c and caffeine with broad spectrum SPF.

One of the very few eye creams with SPF in the market (hence to be used only in the day), this targets fine lines, wrinkles and firmness, as well as dark circles and puffiness, as it hydrates and shields skin from harmful sun rays.

Similar to the emulsion, the texture for this cream is also very light as it protects your skin throughout the day for a refreshed, youthful-looking eye area.

philosophy pop up store!

Visit the philosophy pop up store outside Sephora at ION Orchard Level 1 from now till 25 May where you can try out the products for yourself and find out more. Also, stand to enjoy attractive weekly specials and gifts with every purchase, YAY!