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Our 1950s pin-up shoot!

5 years ago / personal / dress up

Pin-up girls be like...


So the other day, I did a themed photoshoot with the girls - Carrie, Cheryl and Jac in collaboration with Fujifilm.


It was a 1950s pin-up girl shoot!

While conceiving the concept of the shoot, Jac told us to select our costumes from a rather seedy-looking that sold mostly bras and panties.

With one model who looks A LOT like Taylor Swift wtf.

Looks like right?!

After much searching, I managed to find some non-lingerie stuff (because I do NOT have the body of Taytay #2, or #1 for that matter) and decided on:

The 50s housewife. Nowadays I very domestic goddess wannabe, bake lah, cook lah, shoot also shoot like this wtf.

On the night before the shoot, as I was trying the costume, the husband went...

"So you're going to be their mother is it?"


Which explains why you'll see cupcakes in the photos below because according to Google images, cupcakes make everything better.

(Thanks to Smith for helping me with my last minute cupcake emergency. Now you guys know who to call if you need cupcakes delivered in the middle of the night.)


It's not my first time working with Ivan - in fact he and I go way back to 2010? back when I wasn't blogging like that and recently again for a SG50 shoot... it's funny how life sometimes come full circle like that.

For this shot, he was like "pretending you're washing your husband's car" and all I could think was WHY CAN'T HE WASH HIS OWN DAMN CAR?

Then I realised that 1) I now belong to the 1950s and 2) I'm supposed to be a domestic goddess so wash his car, I will.

Happiest car washer in the world wtf.

Food Panda delivery, anyone?

Much thanks to the people who helped us put this together!

Makeup: Joris Sia

Hair: Greg from Salon B

Photography: Ivan Joshua Loh using Fujifilm's X-Pro2. 24mp APS-C sensor camera - You can read his review about it here!

Till next time! xx