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Playing tourist with Expedia

4 years ago / travel / food / singapore

Looking for something different to do in Singapore?

I recently discovered the Kyushu Pancake Cafe thanks to Expedia Singapore and srsly, why haven't I discovered them before?!

This cafe hails from Kyushu, Japan (Captain Obvious over here) and they specialise in pancakes made with their proprietary flour mix combining fine selected grains from 7 different regions in Kyushu province to create its unique taste and texture served either sweet (fresh cream, berries, ice cream) or savoury - eggs benedict pancakes, anyone?

They have since expanded to all over Japan and even to Taiwan where the queues are always rather long but thankfully, when I visited the Singapore branch at Novena on a Sunday afternoon, there wasn't any queue. I think it's largely cause of its blink-and-you-might-miss location at Novena Regency (two blocks away from the IRAS building) but I'm glad I found it! I loved the food and the laidback feel of the cafe and estate which makes it perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

As mentioned, I had come across this cafe from the interactive map of Where to Go in Singapore available at! You guys know how I love playing tourist in Singapore and I often try to look for new experiences and something different to do in Singapore, right? The interactive map features several interesting hidden gems located all over the island and it's not just limited to food - there are tips on places to eat, activities to do, places to shop, where to go out at night and even child-friendly activities. If you are not from Singapore (hello my international readers!) and you are planning to visit Singapore (and me!), you can use the guide to plan your trip and also explore the best hotels in Singapore nearby to these activities to complete the experience. I was looking through it and I had found SO many places that I didn't know existed! Such as the Clinton Street Baking Co which is touted as New York's number 1 breakfast spot - I had missed out on it when I was in NYC but guess who will be brunchin' in style this weekend? ;)

Think of this map as all your weekends, public holidays, taking-friends-around and even business lunches planning, sorted!