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Plumbing Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

4 years ago / Hidden

Expecting a baby means adjusting to a myriad of changes, both on the inside – as a mother – and on the outside in preparing the house and room for the baby’s arrival. The kitchen and the bathroom can be dangerous places once your baby is older and starts exploring the home. These plumbing tips to baby proof your home will help you reconsider the arrangements in your bathroom and kitchen.

Plumbing issues in the kitchen

The dishwasher, the food dispenser, and any electrical appliances are dangerous for small children. When reconditioning the kitchen to make it safe for a baby, you should also look into the existing plumbing work and how you can make it safe. Replacing old pipes to prevent bursts and making sure that the baby cannot reach the pipes and valves by installing cupboard locks are two essential steps. Furthermore, you can install an anti-scald valve to prevent sudden water temperature changes and thus reduce the chances for the little one to accidentally turn on water that is too hot.

A plumber in Singapore can help you install these additional devices and with any plumbing repair work, as needed.

Baby proof your bathroom

In the bathroom, you should minimize the baby’s access to toxic cleaning products and to hot water. As a preventive measure, you can set the water heater below 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, you can purchase a toilet lid lock and use a lock for the bathroom door to prevent your toddler from opening the door and exploring the bathroom while risking injury. A good safety measure is to remember to always store away any electrical devices you might be using in the bathroom like hair dryers, electric shavers, and others.

You should also consider placing anti-slip mats in the bathtub or shower. The bathtub can also be equipped with safety bars around it (optional) and a water spout cover which comes in various shapes and colours for the delight of the little ones.

The months before the baby joins your family can be a good time for replacing sinks or other plumbing appliances. You can consider these changes as part of the overall modifications you are undertaking in your home before welcoming your newest family member.