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The Police, Geylang... all in one night.

5 years ago / family

What a night, whew.

Always knew my crazy outtakes will come in handy one day...

Hi guys,

How was your Sunday?

To say that my weekend was eventful... is a severe understatement.

You see,

I was happily eating my eggs and kaya toast at Tong Ah (they have the BEST toast in town srsly... I like how it's thin & crispy BUT not wafer-thin like Yakun's so it still tastes like bread?) when my mother-in-law called me to get home immediately because of a family emergency.

Now 1) she hardly calls me and 2) when she says emergency, I gathered it bloody has to be a HUGE thing because even when my nephews (who live with me) get admitted to hospital, I usually only know about it 3 to 5 days later.. like, "Hey Mommy, I haven't seen Benjie around the last few days?" and she goes "Oh ya. He's in Gleneagles you don't know meh?" like... very normally. The gleneagles happens to be Toa Payoh tze char kinda normalcy.

Anyway, back to the story. I came back to my domestic helper (and her two friends at our place - so I offered them some cupcakes I had baked the day before) and to my very frantic mother-in-law who told me that my helper had lost her wallet somewhere - this somewhere is very cryptic cause well, it was 12noon now and she was out since 9am which means somewhere could mean Nex (where she first went), the taxi she was on and finally, where she alighted.

And her wallet contains;

1) $650 cash (which I am very kancheong about! Like WTF YOU TAKE SO MUCH MONEY OUT?! I DON'T EVEN CARRY THAT AMOUNT OF CASH IN MY WALLET!)

2) Her work permit (which MY mother-in-law is very kancheong about - though ah... it is because her work permit is missing and my helper is going with them on a holiday this week and she is now very worried that my helper can't leave the country with them)

Yup. Different strokes for different folks.

We thus started with the easiest place to lodge a report.

Because my helper said she could have left her wallet on a red taxi.. I called TransCab and when the operator asked me, "Where did she alight?".. my helper replied:

Geylang Lorong 24.

Me being me (aka the queen of kaypo CSI).. I typed "Geylang Lorong 24" into Google (whilst still on the phone with the operator) and it yielded me..


So I messaged the brother-in-law (and not the hubs cause he was at a very important Magic Cards tournament #yes #forreals)...


His reply... fucking epic.



But as it turns out, I had wronged her...


And yes, these epic responses definitely runs in the family :smirk:

Then after I was done with the phone call, my helper then said, it is a maroon taxi. Not red.

For illustration purpose,


So yup, I ended up filing another report with SMRT taxi. Now, if you ever call them, please note that their hotline is SO hot it is IMPOSSIBLE to get through. Be prepared to be on hold for 2,000 years.

Moral of the story?

If you ever lose your wallet, please try to lose it on a TransCab cause they make it a breeze to call through.

We then went to the police station to file a police report.

This part is kinda boring so I will leave the details out.. except for this very interesting quiz that I saw at the station.



I feel kinda bad but I ended up LOL-ing at the police station ><

And we finally called it a night... at Geylang, because my mother-in-law wanted to "play safe" by "checking out the place" to see if we can find the missing wallet.

Now... I have a bigger question on hand though.

I obviously feel very heart pain for her $650 which is a huge sum of money (and in fact an entire month's wage for her?!) but I don't think it's very right either to compensate her the full sum... (last week she had dropped $25 at a food centre and we actually gave her that money) but she looks devastated so we think we should give a token sum / angbao? But how "token" is token enough?

Let me know your thoughts? :pray: