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Postcards from Bali

4 years ago / travel / bali

Missing island life... NOT!

You know how we can have a wardrobe full of clothes but there will always be that one dress we always reach for no matter the occasion?

For me it's this.

You should have seen it like 1001 times on this space and recently I found myself missing Bali not because I miss the island life (and obviously not their commando-trained vicious mosquitoes) but because there is this particular random boutique in Seminyak I had picked it up from. The dress is starting to look a little over-worn and after 3 days of failed scouring online to find anything similar, I am this close to booking a Bali good getaway... just to buy more dresses.

Said shop that I only have a photographic memory of where it is

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Was editing this pic when I SAW A FACE ON ONE APPLE WTF

I was forced to insert this photo because the slave demands (oxymoron I know...) his solo pic to commemorate our first work trip and so, I shall caption it, "When your eyes are too small and you need your hands to help you see better".

We spent most of our time at Seminyak and Sanur this time round but also did the obligatory touristy tasks of visiting the local markets and one day of paddy fields and temples touring.

Not a Bali expert of course but having been to almost all parts of the island, my personal advice is to give overrated Ubud a miss, start your trip in Seminyak and check out as many beach bars and get sexy with Gooseberry Intimates then end it with complete isolation at Sanur. Don't forget to make time for Babi Guling (roast suckling pig) and KFC! Weird I know... but somehow the fried chicken there tasted especially good?!