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Postcards from Malacca

7 years ago / travel / malaysia / malacca

The perfect weekend getaway!

Can’t believe these pictures were taken more than a month ago… how fast time flies when you’re older.

Malaysia’s one country that I used to frequent as a child - mostly to visit my Dad who was based there for the family business. He has since moved back for good and as such, in the last decade I think I’ve crossed the Causeway a grand total of 3 times. But I guess the trip to KL last year made us realise that food is always better on the other side lol.

Malacca’s perfect for a quick weekend getaway - a short drive away (no hassles of checking-in and flight delays), food is insanely good and there’s also plenty to sight-see with its rich culture and historical buildings.

In fact we were thinking of heading back there again this weekend (wedding anniversary woohoo!) but decided instead on a beach retreat for a little sun, a little massage and a little a lot of fishing for the boy.

Can’t hardly wait!