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Prenup 101

5 years ago / married life

All about getting a prenup in Singapore

If it's one thing that I can reset about my marriage is that I wish I had signed a prenup.

... That, and to be 5 inches taller so I could marry in Vera Wang's Diana:


But then again, prenups is never a case of black and white... so here's what I know and gathered about getting a prenup in Singapore and the fifty shades in between:

1) Pre vs postnuptial agreements

The courts in Singapore generally are of the view that prenuptial agreements hold less weight than postnuptial agreements because the latter are more up-to-date with the parties’ circumstances and are also more likely to deal with actual events that have materialised during the course of marriage. Although the Singapore court upheld a prenup agreement in a landmark case in 2009, not all prenuptial agreements will be enforced or upheld. A such, it is essential that you engage a good divorce lawyer who can help you out.

2) Maintenance issues

If you're guy, then well, sorry to say but maintenance is a must lol. The Singapore court takes a no-nonsense attitude towards men who use prenups to evade their responsibilities pertaining to maintenance. Thus, to increase the enforceability of a prenup, the sum of maintenance agreed should generally be similar to what the wife and/or children would receive under Singapore’s divorce laws.

3) The court has the ultimate say

For the division of matrimonial assets upon divorce, the Singapore court retains the ultimate power to oversee the just and equitable splitting of assets. Thus, a prenup will not be automatically enforceable just because it exists.

SO, like what I said above, it is absolutely important that you hire a good lawyer.


... like Harvey Specter.

Good luck!