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Primo Piazza, Khao Yai

7 years ago / travel / thailand / khao yai

The Italy of Thailand!

Continuing the Khao Yai diaries!

One of the greatest highlights of my trip was visiting Primo Piazza and I'm seriously not kidding when I say it feels like I'm really in Italy.

From the terracotta-toned buildings and lush greenery with an unmistakably Mediterranean vibe, to the dairy farms and vineyards, I felt like I was in Tuscany!

To be honest, it was my first time seeing llamas and alpacas (I didn't even know this word exists?!).

Lovely Keira with an alpaca (I think?).

Then it came to my turn and Zach kept telling me to "go closer" to the animal, and being the typical Singaporean who has hardly come close to wildlife, I kept shouting back "Very close already what!!!" while my heart thumped away.

This was the result. :joy:

I SWEAR in real life it felt A LOT closer than this. In fact, when the alpaca made eye contact with me, I ended up screaming and running away.

Much to the amusement of this little girl next to me who couldn't be older than 5 wtf.

Seriously when I have kids, I'm gonna send them to work in the farms so they don't end up like me when they grow up.

Primo Piazza Khaoyai paints an unforgettable impression of tranquility with its stunning scenery, elegant Italian architecture with a number of quaint coffeehouses, restaurants and bars all around.

Because Khao Yai's up in the mountains, temperatures are definitely cooler than in Bangkok.

My TripAdvisor tip? Visit the place from November to January - it should be a cool 18-20°C then :)

But of course if it gets too warm, you can always have ice cream.

This dark chocolate gelato was made with milk straight from their dairy farms and it tasted SO GOOD.

This is definitely an experience like no other!

Primo Piazza Khao Yai
861 Moo 6, Thanarat Road
Tambol Nong Nam Daeng
Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

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