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Proud Wife Moment

It actually felt a little strange when I typed the title. Almost 6 months into the marriage, I still find it so weird to address myself as his wife lol.

Yesterday, we made an impromptu decision to take the day off :)

The boy and I ended up at a very quiet Cineleisure at 11am, watched Captain Phillips, had a longgggggg lunch which transited to a lazy afternoon with coffee & cake.


Just the two of us :)

I only realised after posting this picture on Instagram that the Chinese words read Half Man In Front in Chinese wtf. I used the sticker from my Linecamera app and it’s supposed to mean snack time in Japanese I think lol.


No, seriously.

I don’t usually like these kinda movies because I’m such a chick flick kinda bimbo but I enjoyed this movie soooo much.

I think it’s because there’s sort of a personal relevance to it.

You see, in 2010, the boy went on a work mission with the SAF to fight against piracy threats in the Gulf of Aden, under the ambit of the Combined Task Force.

I’m not going to deny there’s a certain amount of awe and pride. #proudwifemoment

Mindef would be glad to know this I guess lol.

Anyway for some strange reason… memories of his entire deployment still remain so vivid in my mind.

We had just gotten together then… like two weeks into the relationship. Being very shy (hahaha), I didn’t dare to ask too much lest I sound very noob. So for the few days before he left, I pretended to be very nonchalant while he prepared for the deployment, like getting his will drafted wtf.

I remember him telling me very casually the day before he left, “Hey, so tomorrow there will be this ceremony thing before they send us off and my parents will be going… you no need to go la? I think you’ll be bored anyway.”

Of course I wanted to go. But I didn’t want to look like a crazy possessive girlfriend, especially since I hadn’t met his parents yet.. so I came up with some excuse like I had some important meeting that I couldn’t cancel.

The day that he left, I didn’t dare to tell him that I will miss him a hell lot (didn’t want to sound like the new psycho girlfriend) but I remember me checking my phone constantly, waiting for him to message first and when he called me to tell me they were sailing off, I was at Paragon feeling like the world was going to end.

The day after he left, there was an article about the deployment on the front page of the Straits Times that I ended up reading over and over and over again.

Due to the nature of his job, he has been on many detachments overseas, but to date, I still remember this to be the worst.

Particularly because he had zero phone connectivity.

So he would call me once every few days using the satellite phone on the ship.

I always imagine it to be a scene from the movies with all these handsome military men with toned bodies in white singlets queuing up to use the phone. HAHA.

And there was this particular day that I was in the shower and I heard my phone ringing… I ran out of the shower and just like in the movies, he hang up just as I answered the call FML.

I felt like I was gonna die.

Since that incident, my phone is usually with me 24-7 these days. Eat, sleep, shit with my phone for company.

I also remember him calling me from Oman a few weeks later and telling me that they’re finally off the ship and I think that was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Because that means can SMS him already!

(Can’t remember if it’s Whatsapp or SMS, but I think should be SMS back in those days.)

But still, every time he called, I would not tell him how much I miss him - just kept talking about all the fun I was having. Back then, I still had the energy to frequent Zouk or Butter Factory two to three times a week lol.

To be fair, he also sounded like he’s having the time of his life without me.

Then there was this one night that he called me from Oman and I was standing outside Butter Factory, by the river and feeling like someone up there heard my prayers because I had just posted on Facebook that Butter on Friday night felt so different without him around.

That was the night that I bumped into a friend’s ex - who also happens to be his colleague - outside the washroom at Butter and I kinda drunk talked some nonsense about me missing him and how I’m so proud of him. Word ended up going around and he still teases me about that incident today -_-

I think, having gone through that experience, the other deployments all seem relatively easier…

Though I think there is still a need for some support group for military wives/ girlfriends.

But at least now I can whine openly to everyone about how much I miss him heh.

Just sound like crazy pyscho possessive wife only :P

I think this is seriously my most embarrassing entry to date.. don’t know if I will regret publishing this. The boy just looked over my shoulder and I ended up using my hands to cover whatever I just typed lol.