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Quick One

6 years ago / married life / personal

Just a quickie for now!

Hi guys!

Thanks for the support for my previous blog post - the last I saw it garnered over 4,235 Facebook likes and shares which makes it one of my most popular posts ever. Which basically means... so many of us are guilty as charged :joy:

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - in between the travels and associated backlog, I know I haven't been keeping up with my one new post every other day promise. Sorry :(

I've quite a few posts sitting in my drafts now which I can't wait to share with you guys!!! But just give me a few days to sort and process my pictures ok. Coming back to over 6,000 unedited photos is seriously no joke.

Plus, we're going on a road trip tomorrow (it's our wedding anniversary! OMG gaise we turn TWO!) I'm so excited to share with you all the yummy noms in Malaysia PLUS how the husband booked us a two-star motel. No kidding. When I checked out the website, it says it has NO hot water, NO towels and NO aircon... I don't even know if it comes with a bed???

Did I mention it's our anniversary trip?

Let's just hope I don't spend it murdering him.

Happy long weekend everybody! Have a good break!

PS - Cover photo is from our other wedding two years ago (when the husband had more hair) which I have yet to upload. HAHA. Soon, soon!!!!