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Right, left, left, right

5 years ago / personal / working girl

Brain matter issues.

I've always known that I'm left-brained. Math, physics, chemistry and even geography, history as long as it's academics-related, I'll ace it.

But art and music on the other hand.... WHAT A TORTURE. I remember sitting in my Secondary Two art examination (when it was a compulsory subject then) having to draw two limes and everyone was taking over two hours to slowly sketch, paint, shadow and what have you and I was, Erm, Ok I drew two circles... and then, now what?

I scored As for all my subjects and 50/100 for Art that year. I think that was a sympathy pass.

These days in the office, the partners MAKE me stay far, far away from anything aesthetics-related. Number crunching, revenue modelling, going through legal contracts and tender documents... come, give them all to me.

But when it comes to branding collateral, my 2 cents?

"Erm guys, don't you think the font looks a little too square? Could you make it more round perhaps?"

"I don't really know what's wrong... but I don't really like it. Don't you think it feels very... bookshop?"

"Oppps. You know what? I actually prefer the VERY first draft. Could we just go back to that?"

Ok... I'm sure these aren't even worth two cents.

Sorry gaise :(

So yesterday, I did this Left or Right brain test to see how much of a left-brainer I am.

The result?


Me to the husband, "WAH. I never knew I'm actually 90% left-brained?! That totally explains why my left hand is completely useless!"

His reply?

"Ohhh. So this means you only have half a brain lah."