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Rodeo Drive

3 years ago / travel / usa / los angeles

Also known as the day we stalked Justin Bieber's house.

It doesn't get more LA than THIS. I mean, who doesn't know Beverly Hills 90210?!

While most people head to Rodeo Drive for the shopping, for us it was all about the food. As always. It took us a while to hunt down Sprinkles for the cupcake ATM but we ended up settling for ice cream instead. Red velvet ice cream on red velvet cones, mmmm.

We also dropped by The Cheesecake Factory for lunch - I had a low carb version (so LA! lol) and it was SO GOOD, I can't imagine how much better the full fat version would be.

We were then supposed to head to the Hollywood Sign buttttttt.... we got distracted by this vending machine selling "star maps" which were essentially addresses of the homes of celebrities living in LA wtf. There were names like Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Seacrest and Chris Brown on it but we only had time to make one stop and thus we chose... Justin Bieber.

My heart was pounding the entire time we were outside this hugggeee almost entirely-glass compound and tbh, I'm not sure about the authenticity of the map but the house looked pretty darn good. Plus, there was some Starline Tours jeep at the place too... and they were armed with binoculars and all, so I think it has to be legit yeah?