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Uniformed personnel lacking in goodwill and consideration

7 years ago / military wife / personal

My 2 cents on the recent inconsiderate air force officer incident.

Okay, so there's this Airforce officer's rude behavior at gas station article circulating all over Facebook right now.

[Disclaimer: Because of the husband's occupation, I shall therefore declare upfront that whatever you're going to read here is solely MY opinion and this space has nothing to do with, and in no way represent the views, positions or opinions - expressed or implied - of my husband, his organisation, bosses, subordinates, peers and colleagues. And our three dogs.]

So anyway, when I saw the article titled Uniformed personnel lacking in goodwill and consideration and captioned A reader shares his not-so-pleasant experience with an Airforce personnel at the gas station, the first thought that came to my mind was "Gone case liao, this guy."

To be honest, I didn't watch the video but I read the story and from what I saw, this airforce guy sounded like quite a jerk.


Wah... really sounds like those crazy road bullies I sometimes meet on the road.

Then in true blue Singaporean fashion, I sent the link to one and all on my Facebook friend list.

Fast forward a few hours later, I don't know what came over me but I decided to open the link again and watch the video.

And I was honestly surprised by what I saw.

Cause it is NOTHING like what was written in the article?

I don't see any "abrupt stop", neither do I see him "forcing his way" to the vacant pump and I also don't see, or rather hear, him telling the reader to "Go lah! Got space what!"

Also because the mic was turned off lah -__-

In fact, what Mr RSAF did looks just like what everybody does at the petrol kiosk. This is a gas station we're talking about, not a road that he chose to abruptly stop at and obstruct traffic. He is just doing what is typically done at a petrol station - you go to an unoccupied lot and fill your petrol tank, no?

More importantly, there was a big empty space to the right (I boxed it in red just in case), so Why is Mr Reader insisting that Mr RSAF ought to move his car away for him to go straight?

Any other person would have turned right to exit the station, isn't it?

[By the way, I also wanted to comment that Mr RSAF's body language did not look confrontational at all like what the article suggested, but decided against it since it's not based on facts but by my own personal interpretation.]

[I also think that, on the contrary, it is actually very gracious of Mr RSAF to reposition his car for Mr Reader - in fact, it is the grey car on the left that's out of his lot - but again, I shan't comment on this.]

If you ask me, it looks like Mr RSAF's being singled out JUST BECAUSE he is in uniform.

Which brings me to my next point, Why so much hate?

In particular, for our servicemen.

And only in Singapore. Why?

In the U.S, people clap when soldiers walk through the airports. In Australia, I've witnessed people on the streets coming up to military personnel and thanking them for keeping their country safe. In other countries, people give up seats on public transport for their soldiers...but in Singapore, all our servicemen get is appearing on Stomp when they sit on the MRT wtf.

These days, anything or anyone associated with the armed forces is a "waste of taxpayers' money" and everyone seems so eager to pick on any military personnel, especially if he/ she is in uniform.

You're probably going to say that we cannot compare to the States (or any other country) because we are not at war. But you know, our military does NOT serve our government or ruling party (or any party for that matter).

The military serves Singapore. It serves our people.

Every Singaporean son - our daddies, husbands, boyfriends, brothers and friends - had dedicated at least two years of their time and put their life on the line to serve our nation... So whether we are at war or not, we should respect that.

(Digress a bit, I was looking for pictures of our SAF and I came across this This is what the SAF advertisements don’t show you story and ended up crying my eyes out. Must be the PMS hormones.)

So anyway, I'm not saying we should be all "For the Motherland!!!" and salute every military personnel you see on the streets lah but hey, let's give credit when it's due. Stop picking on them simply because they are with the SAF. (Or police and civil defence.)

Let's just give our men in uniform a break.