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Runaway Dresses

7 years ago / married life / food / family / personal

Just me and the mother-in-law for dinner!

Took the mother-in-law out for dinner (yes we're cool like that to have dim sum for dinner) - just me and her cause both our husbands were out fishing. Hers in Malaysia and mine in Australia (though he’s supposedly on detachment pfft).

So over our tête-à-tête dinner (check out all that crab roe by the way!) - she suddenly blurted out, “Your Daddy always throw away my clothes you know! Every time I wear some something nice only, he will look but never praise me or what. But after that I will find it missing from my wardrobe! Or anything too translucent, body hugging or what.. all he throw!!!”

"How you know he throw leh?" I asked.

"Cause when I ask him where are my dresses.. he say don’t bother looking for them already. Gone forever. Must be because he don’t like other men to look at me.”

Too cute lah.

Later that night when I was chatting with the husband over the phone, I whispered, “Can you don't throw away my clothes please?”