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Runaway train

5 years ago / dress up

Swinging through life - quite literally - in Bangkok lol

Wearing: Random 10-year-old dress // ClubCouture jacket // Charles & Keith wedges

Found these pictures while sorting through my Bangkok pictures for my Ultimate Guide to Bangkok blog post (yes, finally... I'm getting down to doing it PROPERLY) and I realised they were taken over 6 months ago at some random BTS station in Bangkok.

Back then I was so much more posey-posey when it comes to pictures and I wore a lot more black (or rather, all black in this case lol.) These days, I'm somehow more into colours and fabrics that preferably do not skim my tummy that obviously needs to be crunch-ed badly lol.

I'm flying off again tomorrow and I was just thinking about how at the ripe old age of 31 (birthday post coming up!), I still get all these travel influencer-ish jobs which frankly is mainly dominated by girls a whole decade younger than me. Super thankful for the opportunities which wouldn't be possible if not for you guys... thank you for keeping up with my nonsensical rambling, putting up with my attempted juice cleanses and I'm-gonna-start-exercising proclamations for like, what, only 15 years lol? and basically just going through life with me :) Love all of you to the moon and back!

Putting together a huge giveaway for you guys real soon xxxxx


By the way the runaway train title was partly inspired by this creep of a guy I used to date who played in a band (yah... Ikr) and this was one their regular jams.

As a grown up, mature, 30-something... I shall hence NOT dislike Soul Asylum and tbh, their MV for this song is actually pretty cool. Featuring missing youths ("There are over one million youth lost on the streets of America"), there were three original versions of the video in the United States, totaling 36 missing children shown. According to Wikipedia, 26 missing children were found after being featured in the video.

Some as of 2016 are still missing though :(