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Sawadee ka!

6 years ago / personal / thailand / working girl

Rubbing (shoulders) the right way.

For the longest time, I've always felt like the Singaporean in Thailand. You know, even though I spend half of my time there, my work's all in Thai, my best friends are Thai and I eat more pad thai than char kway tiao.. I guess it's partly cause I've never really understood the language? I mean, I do know enough Thai to reach my destinations without getting terribly lost :sweat_smile: and my friends speak very good English (and Mandarin!) and studied either in the international schools or overseas so culture isn't much of a barrier either.

But things seem to have changed lately for me. I started attending Thai lessons (my teacher at Inlingua's so HAWT btw) and today at the AirAsia roadshow, I felt like the opposite - the Thai in Singapore. Suddenly the little bit of Thai I knew felt like a lot (I ended up impressing everyone hahaha) and when I rattled on about the many off-the-beaten-track destinations I know/ have been to... I felt so proud of my second home!


And then I got to rub shoulders - quite literally - with Utt who is like THE most perfect Thai in Singapore.


Thai-Singapore, Singapore-Thai... whatever floats.