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Sawadeeka and S'mores!

5 years ago / travel / food / bangkok / thailand

One of my favourite restaurants in Bangkok!

Hello friends!

Giving you a quickie from my car's backseat - pun totally intended lol - cause I have been stuck in traffic for like, I don't know, maybe only 2 hours and counting and my phone has ran out of battery wtf. I'm sorry traffic gods, I promise I will NEVER bitch about Singapore's traffic again. ERP FTW!

So anyway, I'm here in Bangkok for the weekend - to be honest, I've been trying to put off this trip for a while now cause the weather has been scaring me (FYI Thailand is the hottest EVER in 65 years) but I have a few people I need to meet soooo, brave the heat I will.


Sorry to disappoint you Thailand, that I couldn't save the day.

Anyway, in between meetings (and when I'm not stuck in the car with my overzealous driver), I have been stuffing my face like cray. I swear I'm going to go back to Singapore 3kg heavier :sob:

Last night we went to S'mores which I now declare as one of my favourite restaurants in Bangkok.

Bar and restaurant, S'mores Hunting Lodge at the new CentralWorld Groove extension, with its rugged Americana, feels a lot like... a hunting lodge. Haha. That kind that you hang up your rifle as you slink into a bar stool after a morning hunt and where the crowd is the usual bunch of cool kids that are all seemingly friends of friends (or will be after sufficient alcohol) - quite the place to spot young hunky actors and actresses if you're into Thai dramas too.

Food-wise, I'm no food blogger but I can tell you to expect a menu of American and Southern cuisine (think fried stuff, barbecued meats and burgers) and the German pork knuckle is a MUST order. I don't even like pork - but this was fried to perfection and still immensely juicy on the inside and the accompanying sauerkraut was so, so, soooooo good!

Don't forget to save space for their signature S'mores set - which is what EVERYBODY heads to this place for:

Pillowy marshmallows with chocolate sauce and sliced bananas sandwiched between graham crackers - omg, I can die now.

S'mores Hunting Lodge
2nd fl, Groove, Central World
Bangkok, Thailand 10330