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Singapore Blog Awards 2015

6 years ago / personal

I'm a finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog!

Okay I don't really know how to write this without sounding like I'm humblebragging plus I feel really paiseh to be lobbying for votes :confused:

But anyway, yesterday was day 2 of the husband not being around so I went for yoga to pass time, then sat around the locker room for a while because I haven't been attending classes for a few weeks so obviously that class was pretty tiring (understatement of the year) then I bought some otoro sashimi to reward myself and made my way home.

Was about to head into the shower when I got a text from Carrie telling me, "You got into the finals for Best Lifestyle blog babeeeeeee."

And so, if you head to the Singapore Blog Awards 2015 page, you'll see...

Me. :open_mouth:

And this is the part that I errr, ask for votes.

I'll be very very very very very (infinity x infinity) grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to vote for me - you'd need about 30 seconds to get an account but they won't spam you I promise! Just indicate if you don't want to receive their mailers - and if you really like what I've been putting out here, you can vote once every day till 6 July!

Just click on this link here to vote! Hehe.

I promise I'll come up with something good for you guys if I win! (Any ideas? Let me know!)

Also don't know why I chose to submit this photo... not exactly my chioest wtf but ok please vote anyway!

Thank you thank you thank youuu :heart: :pray: :pray: