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Season Artisan Pâtissier, Taiwan

6 years ago / travel / food / taiwan

Amazing, amazing desserts in Taipei!

Ok, so when Keira showed me this SEASON Artisan Pâtissier when we were planning our Taiwan trip, I was instantly sold by this super pretty cotton candy thingy.

It was so so so so Instagram worthy :sweat_smile:

Located in a quaint residential area, I loved how tranquil the entire place was!

And how every spot makes a good #ootd setting. (Moto jacket's from ClubCouture by the way.)

There's in and outdoor sitting but since the swing (yes swing!) in the outdoor area was taken, we opted for the equally pretty indoors.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of the food standards since I was there to capture Instagram shots. So we ordered a couple of items that we thought would look good for Instagram BUT gosh, they completely blew us away.

We ordered the Mille Feuille (NT380) and were pleasantly surprised when they rolled this entire tray of cream, fresh berries, jam and all the works.

Then, they started assembling it all together, bit by bit, right before our eyes.

Taking #dessertporn to a whole new level.

It was soo light, so fluffy I can die.

Doing what we do best...

And this is the said Cotton Candy (NT150) that sealed the deal.

To be honest, I thought 7 bucks was a little pricey for cotton candy BUT after tasting it, I'll gladly order it again! It's very very unlike what we get here in Singapore (at the pasar malams haha)... theirs had none of that fake sugary taste. It was sweet-but-not-too-sweet, had a light fruity flavour and this incredible texture!

We also ordered this potato dish that I can't remember the name for the life of me - I think it was a seasonal (pun intended) item on the menu - but it was so good, we were all fighting for a piece of it.

Service was impeccable and this place now takes the top spot in my list of recommended eateries in Taiwan.

SEASON Artisan Pâtissier

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