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Seasons Bistro, Singapore

7 years ago / food

Brunch right in the heart of town!

The husband is very very very anti-hipster so when I told him we were checking out a place for brunch, he wasn't too happy about it.

"Are you dragging me to another one of those pretentious cafes again?"

Seasons Bistro however, is far from one of those hipster cafes... thankfully! I'm so done with overpriced coffee and "breakfasts" that even I can whip up at home.

Conveniently located at TripleOne Somerset, Seasons Bistro serves seasonal cuisine inspired by North American traditions.

I love the cosy, casual vibes of this place and service was prompt and outstanding!

Seasons Bistro serves a mean brunch (I'll let the pictures do the talking in a bit!) but I also took a look at their lunch and dinner menus and they too, look really good. I definitely want to check them out again for dinner (and desserts!) and drinks with my girls.

Decisions, decisions...

We eventually decided on the following:

(I actually overordered because everything on the menu looked SO GOOD I had such a hard time deciding...)

Truffle fries with pecorino and rosemary sea salt $12

I have a serious truffle fries addiction and I always end up ordering them as long as I see it on the menu. While these were definitely one of the better ones I've had - each fry was generously coated with truffle oil (mmmm!) - because the other dishes were so mindblowing, I'll suggest you skip this to save the tummy space.

Cajun blackened fish taco $16

I don't even like fish usually but this was my favourite dish of the lot! Served with avocado mayonnaise, pickled onions, crispy shallots, cotija cheese and cilantro jalapeno watercress salad on a tortilla shell, this dish packed such a strong intense mix of flavours, I wanted to order another one just for myself! I also really like how the fish was separately marinated with the cajun seasoning before pan-frying so it had a really yummy slightly spicy aroma.

Buttermilk pancake stack $18

For our mains, I got the buttermilk pancake stack. Served the Canadian way, this came with REAL maple syrup, homemade jam and fresh berries.

Sinfully drowned in maple syrup....

Gotta mention how HUGE the portions are at Seasons Bistro (super worth it!)... the pancakes were as big as my face :sweat_smile:


The husband is a huge hotdog fan so it's no surprise that he ordered this. What was surprisingly however, was how GOOD this is! Fresh chorizo sausage with cotija cheese, jalapeno, pickled onions, spicy mustard, crispy shallots and mojo... this is seriously the BEST hotdog we've had in Singapore!

We later learnt from the chef that the recipe for the sausage is actually specially formulated by them AND I also have to mention how amazing the ketchup served with this dish is! It's homemade by them with fresh tomatoes and passionfruit so it has this tangy, sweet mix of flavours - none of that bottled processed nonsense!

For drinks, the husband got the Earl Grey Lavender tea ($5)...

While I got an Iced Mocha and was surprised to learn that it's only $5!

It was definitely a good size for the price and very tasty too... just unpretentious quality coffee ;)

Another shot because there's perfect lighting by the windows :laughing:

By the way, I think their Membership programme is really value for money - a topup of $50 immediately entitles you to $75 card value. That's a whopping 50% discount! (From the 2nd top up onwards, you get 20% top up value extra)

111 Somerset Road
TripleOne #01-11/12
Singapore 238164

There's outdoor seating too which I think will be great for Happy Hour cocktails!

For the month of December, you can enjoy 10% off at Seasons Bistro by quoting 'Flora Isabelle'

xx Enjoy!

This was a media tasting but the opinions are entirely of my own.

Update February 2015: I went back recently with a girl friend for brunch and while my hotdog was great, her freedom toast and the bacon didn't live up to expectations. Maybe we ordered wrong or caught them on an off day but I've passed the feedback along to the restaurant owner and he said he'll work on things! :)