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Seven decades

Conversations with the boy - the date night edition.

So the boy went to Australia and came back (WHAT?! It's been A MONTH?!) and I'm not gonna lie, but after all these years of LDR-ing, I'm still not very good at this thing.

First, you cry your eyes out, then you spend a week or so pining for him, and then when you FINALLY adjust to not having your husband around and getting your life in order (Hello, my long lost wax appointment!) - he comes back.


He's been back for slightly more than a week now and I kid you not, we were fighting so much.

(No, it's got nothing to do with me having to give up the telly remote control.)

(And also nothing to do with me not being able to have the entire bed to myself.)

(FINE. I was PMS-ing but it has NOTHING to do with the hormones. Everything was completely rational okay?!)

When I decided, Ok, we've got to set this right.

(Before my neighbors call the cops and file a restraint order... against us.)

So yesterday, despite drowning in a massive workload known as the every-motherfker-scrambling-to-get-things-done-before-yearend madness and not having slept for almost 36 hours (yeah, attaining nirvana soon), I decided we need to go out on a date.

Complete with my tight dress, fake lashes and 5-inch stripper heels.

I made reservations at our go-to seafood fix Dancing Crab (also because we get 50% off with American Express. Sorry, cheap even when being romantic wtf) where he got to do what makes him truly happy - overorder and watch me suffer wtf.

We got down and dirty, shelling prawns and picking out the last bit of crab meat and just talked. About everything under the sun (or rather moon, since it was dinner.)

About names for our non-existent children.
About retirement plans.
About our crazy neighbor who WALKS HIS HAMSTER every night.

I felt alive again.

We ended the evening with a quick drugstore visit and because there were 24 Forever Friends Christmas cards going at just $20, I asked again if we would like to send cards to all our friends.

"We should buy 72 to collect all the designs!" I happily exclaimed while mentally drawing up my list.

"And you know what? We can use the wax seal we made for our wedding and never got to use again!" - See, I'm all about making things worth.

But nope, our conversation two Decembers ago still apply:


But he bought all 72 cards anyway.

"I thought you don't want to send cards to our friends?" I asked.

"Ya but every Christmas I get you a Forever Friends card anyway and I always get a heart attack at the stupid $10 price tag. So I'm buying these now to give you one every year. Don't worry - I will rotate the designs. The cards might get a bit yellow but I'm sure they'll still be legible."

"Ohhhh. Does this means you want to be with me for the next 70 years??????"

Teehee. :ok_woman:

Later that night, as I slid into bed, I asked again - "So you promise to be with me for at least 70 years???"

And the half-asleep murmur I got was,

"The corn bread today was very nice... Can you please try to bake that? Instead of the horrible cupcakes you always make..."