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My sexy husband

Conversations with the boy #386 and some exciting news!

So, the husband whipped up dinner (again)..

I uploaded this picture to Facebook and it got more than 50 likes in 30 minutes (and made the husband incredibly happy.)

Few minutes later,

Me: "Hey, have you taken out the trash like I told you to over an hour ago?"

Him: "Obviously not. I'm gloating over the number of likes my cooking got. How do you feel to be married to such a wonderful man? LOOK, this person said that guys who cook are sexy lor."

Oh please, credits so totally go to my excellent photo editing skills.


In other news, I (finally) got a Facebook page!

If you like what you see on this blog, then you will most probably like what you'll get on the page!

I intend to share bite-sized updates about my life on the go... and believe it or not, I'll end up sharing more there than on my personal profile. Largely because I prefer the slight anonymity when it comes to a page (sharing too much on profile to my friends I shy lah!)... Maybe cause I'm an introverted extrovert (or is it extroverted introvert wtf) but you get the idea. I actually tell you guys more than what I tell my friends!

So anyway, I hope to see you guys join me on the page! Click!

Love always xx