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Shopping Spree

7 years ago / married life

So I ran out of facial cleanser one morning...

I woke up this morning and ended up trying to milk every last drop out of my facial cleanser.

Fine, I needed a new cleanser and so I very reluctantly drove myself to Nex so I could pop into Isetan.

I did contemplate procrastinating but I have a couple of important events lined up and not washing my face properly for a few days and showing up with 123456 zits didn't sound like a very brilliant plan.

But I got a little distracted when I was at Nex - you can't blame me! Dorothy Perkins was having 20% off! STORE WIDE! It would be a sin not to get a new dress... or two since I have those said events, right? And Mango's latest collection was seriously too cute? Did somebody say plaid sets? :heart_eyes: And oh oh oh, Cotton On's selling HELLO KITTY slip ons?!

"Should I get this dress? $239?" I texted the boy with my numerous fitting room selfies.

"No it's too expensive." he replied.

"Oh... I bought it anyway. With your sup card :grin:"

A couple of minutes later...

"Hello!!!! What you think about these Hello Kitty shoes?!?!?!?!?"

"No it's hideous. Ugliest thing I've ever seen. Please don't get them." came the reply. When I was signing over my credit card at the checkout counter. Oopps.


I came back a few hours later, totally rejuvenated... ahh.. so this is what retail therapy REALLY feels like and happily took photos of my purchases to send to the girls.

Only to realise that I had forgotten to get my facial cleanser.

So now all I have is seven dresses, four skirts, two pairs of Hello Kitty shoes and one angry husband.

And no facial wash.