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Should you get the iPhone 6?

7 years ago / lifestyle / tech

My take on Apple's latest gadget!

First up, I’m not a tech reviewer and this isn’t a tech blog of course. But since getting the iPhone 6 three weeks ago, I’ve had people (okay… maybe only a handful) asking me to give my opinion about the phone.

Also, I've got to disclaim that I am quite an Apple fan (or i-faggot wtf in the wise words of the husband) – I will buy Apple anything.


This is me lol.

So moving on, here’s a bimbo’s (again, in the wise words of the husband) two cents’ worth of the iPhone 6.


Firstly, I chose the 6 and not the 6 plus because I’m really not a fan of big phones. In fact, I find this iPhone 6 too big for my liking.

It is quite hard to use it with just one hand (very important when you’re carrying your shopping bags in the other) and I feel that the slimness (6.9 mm) coupled with the overly smooth feel of the back makes it very vulnerable to slipping out of your hand – I’ve had one too many heart attack inducing scares when using my phone on the escalator.

Rating: 4/5


Mine’s the iPhone 6 in gold and honestly, it’s GORGEOUS. I think it makes the perfect accessory to glam up any outfit and I’ve been using it in too many Instagram flatlays lately.

Case in point about the flatlays

Rating: 5/5


I came from a 4s (totally skipped the 5 generation) so the improvement in the camera’s capabilities is pretty HUGE for me. Additionally, with so many photo editing apps, it makes creating the perfect Instagram photo quite an easy process.

Here are some pictures I took on my recent vacation:



After (no filter, just upping the contrast in Afterlight)


Here’s another example:



After (filter from VSCO Cam)


A peek at my gorgeous french style mani by Niu Nails by the way!

Front camera is also a little better.


Selfie taken on the iPhone 6. This is of me eating the above-photographed ice cream lol. No edits, No filter.

When compared to a similar non-filtered selfie previously taken on my 4s:


Though in all honesty, I still think the iPhone camera is still nothing much to shout about and still has much room for improvement.

Rating: 3.5/5

Retina HD screen

I didn’t realise how amazing this screen is until I started using my 4s to find some old photos and seriously, WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! The screen display of the iPhone is just so clear, sharp and crisp that it makes surfing Facebook and Instagram such a joy.

When I went back to using my 4s, I found everything so blurry and “old-looking” like there’s something smudgy on my screen that I constantly feel like wiping away.

Rating: 5/5

Battery Life

Hmmm… when I first got the iPhone 6 I was very impressed with the battery life. I’m a really heavy user (I’m on Instagram 24-7) and the battery could last me through the entire day without charging it at all.

I’m not sure if it’s the way I use my phone but three weeks later on my recent Khao Yai trip when I was out and about the whole day – posting pictures on Instagram, updating Facebook, sending messy-chocolate-ice-cream-face selfies to the boy… the battery lasted me less than a day, 6 hours to be exact from 10am to 5pm. But it also could be because I had forgotten to turn off the wifi function.

Rating: 3/5


As I have said, this is really a bimbotic pov of the iPhone 6. I use my phone solely for Facebook, Instagram, replying emails and editing photos (maybe I should do a post next on my favourite photo editing apps lol)

There are other new features unique to the iPhone 6 which I have yet to explore (and probably never will) so here's a Apple iPhone 6: 10 new features you need to know about video if you're interested.

Additionally, I am not sure if it's the new iOS or that this phone is still in the teething stage since mine's from the first batch but I feel that my iPhone 6 really hangs A. LOT. And is quite buggy in general.

Here are two screenshots I managed to capture today:


See how ridiculously the first chunk of text flows?


And this sudden screen which appeared when I was in the midst of posting something on Instagram (and scaring the hell out of me wtf) and causing whatever I was posting to be gone as I had to restart the app ><

Oh ya, and having to put up with Bend it like Beckham jokes from everybody about my phone...


Really #notfunny anymore after hearing it for the 1234567th time.

So, to answer the question, Should you get the iPhone 6?

My answer is still a resounding YES because I'm an Apple fan true and true lol and I love how it makes working with my iPad and Macbook so seamless and fluid, especially with the new iOS 8 and upcoming OS X Yosemite (launching any day now, can't wait!)

But perhaps you should wait for the newer batches of the phone so that it's hopefully more stable?


Ending this post with my shameless selfie.

Told you it's a bimbotic review already what!