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Singapore JewelFest

My husband and the Missing Crown Jewel







(Photos taken on the iPhone 6)

Every time I have an event to attend, I usually spend the first half of the day moping around ("but I don't want to wash my hair!"), trying very hard to get out of bed ("I think I am really sick! I feel a fever coming up... no I'm not lying") and then rushing to get dressed and prepped ("Babe, sorry I'm running late. Should have started on the makeup earlier.")

And then when I arrive and get drawn into all the glitz and glamour, suddenly all thoughts about being a giant sloth simply vanish into thin air in a matter of seconds. ("I can't believe I wanted to give THIS a miss!!!")

I ended up having so much FUN last night at Singapore JewelFest! Admiring serious blings over champagne, mingling with socialites, trying on jewelry that could possibly cost more than my house - why, I could totally get used to life like this!

That night, I came home, all high (from both the alcohol and adrenaline), I sent the husband a picture of this GORGEOUS 3-carat diamond ring that completely stole my heart.

"Nice hor? Will you buy it for me please? Pretty please?" I asked on Line and pasted all the cutest Marie/ Stitch/ Winnie the Pooh stickers I could find.

"What thing?" he asked.

"This ring! Chio right?"

"What ring?" came the reply.

"The picture I just sent lah!" I anxiously replied, and sent him the picture again.

"No picture leh." he replied with a sticker of Pooh looking confused.

"Huh???? Ok wait I send again!!!" And I sent the picture over FIVEEEEEE times. Over Whatsapp too! "Received?"

"Still no ring leh. I think my phone spoil. Anyway late already... time to sleep baby girl!"

THAT'S WHEN I REALIZED IT....Damnit. This guy very smart ah... pretend cannot see the ring?!

(Both Melissa and I were clad in ClubCouture by the way! Had a little moment of glory when a passerby stopped us outside Mandarin Gallery asking her where's her dress from and we ended up making a sale then and there hehehe.)