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Smaller Chin Implant for A Strong Yet Feminine Profile

5 years ago / Hidden

Chin augmentation, or genioplasty, is cosmetic facial surgery for enhancing the size, shape and often the placement of the patient's chin. In some cases, this surgical procedure is accompanied by nonsurgical corrective techniques such as dermal fillers or fat injections.

Although most people think of this corrective cosmetic procedure for the face as a method for improving the line and dynamics of a recessed or weak jaw, it actually redefines the proportions and overall visual balance of the entire face. While making the jawline more definite yet refined, this procedure also benefits the entire facial structure, aesthetic beauty and natural appeal.

As a center of focus for the lower part of the face, your chin is a feature that is often noticed when people meet you for the first time. Subconsciously, some people perceive a recessed chin as a symbol of weak or shy character. At the same time, an overly prominent or large sized chin may send visual signals to some people that translate as symbols of aggression or stubbornness.

This tendency among people to see facial features as translatable symbols of personality traits is actually one reason that many individuals with small or receding chin lines undergo a chin augmentation procedure. By having a chin implant done by a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgeries, you can decide on the size, shape and contours of your new chin and jawline well before the date of your genioplasty.

Maintain and Enhance Your Feminine Profile with a Smaller Sized Chin Implant

By choosing a smaller sized chin implant for your genioplasty, you and your facial surgeon will enable you to keep and improve you feminine profile. Ways in which your newly implanted, small chin will emphasize and complement the feminine lines, forms and balances of your face include the following:

• Equalizing Feature Proportions

When your plastic surgeon combines his or her aesthetic understanding and clinical expertise to provide you with a small chin implant, your face will have a well-proportioned structure. While your lower face gains pleasing and tasteful style with a new, smaller and more stylish chin, your entire face will become more vibrant and expressive as a cohesive, feminine and evenly proportioned visual entity.

Similar to the manner in which a fine quality painting or figurative sculpture captures your attention and admiration due to its exquisitely proportioned ratios of artistic form, your new facial design will enchant and please friends, family and strangers alike. What once was a weak looking, rather unimpressive feature will become a streamlined and small yet strongly influential element of your finely crafted, new, smaller sized chin.

• Having a Small Chin with Better Definition

When the result of your well performed genioplasty is a chin of smaller size with excellent definition and subtle contours, your facial enhancement surgery is a true success. Now that your chin is an attractive asset to both your frontal portrait and profile view, your confidence levels will increase. No more will you have that nagging thought that your face needs cosmetic alterations or a partial makeover.

Your daily life at work, school or home will be more relaxed and enjoyable. You will look forward with self-assurance to parties, special celebrations and other social events. You will find yourself achieving more in all that you do, and you will meet and greet new people with more interest and enthusiasm, knowing that you look your best with your your unmistakably powerful yet feminine profile and persona.

• Displaying a Delicate Yet Powerful Focal Point in Your Lower Face

Your new sleek, chic and fashionable chin adds strong presence and character to your face. Due to its small, slight shape and contours, however, it does not overshadow or outshine your other features. Your new chin simply demonstrates the surprising strength and stability that a small facial component can bring to your visual presence and basic essence. This is a good example of the truthfulness of the long-prevailing adage, "Bigger is not necessarily better."

In fact, by choosing to implant a large chin in a face composed of small features and forms, you would only upset the pleasing dimensions created by the other small features in this facial design. By adhering to the intended scale of comparisons within the natural layout of this face, you will acknowledge and restate its purity of natural patterns, beauty and overall stylistic scheme.

• Balancing Facial Dynamics for Beauty and Harmony

By creating aesthetic beauty and harmony with balanced facial dynamics, you are uniting these important elements of creative composition. Excellent cosmetic and corrective facial surgery is definitely an art as well as a scientific skill, achievement and practice.

By equally dividing your attentions between the scientific measurements of proportion and the artistic understanding of grace, form, placement and style, you are sure to create a facial design that is true to balanced life in its form and function while exhibiting unique energy, elegance and charm. Beauty and harmony merge to rule when empowered by balanced facial dynamics of smaller dimensions.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, M.D., F.A.C.S. is the founder and Medical Director of Renu by Dr. Schoenfeld, with its main office in Chevy Chase, MD. Dr. Schoenfeld has 20 years of experience and offers unique chin augmentation techniques making this procedure extremely safe. For further information, visit Dr. Schoenfeld's website at: or contact his offices by phone at: 301-652-7368.