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Smarter, Faster, Sharper

6 years ago / military wife / lifestyle

So proud of our Navy boys!

"Aiya!" I texted the husband. "If I never marry you, I'll marry a navy officer."

"Never mind, I'll sign on instead."

Haha. This was after I attended a closed-door session with the Republic of Singapore Navy where I got to experience first-hand the launch of our newest fleet of vessels named the Littoral Mission Vessels (LMV) and sailed the high seas again - though this time via a realistic simulation of the warship's control deck and seeing how our men (and women!) in the Navy overcome situations such as harsh weather conditions, low visibility, hostile threats and rescue missions as if I'm really out at sea with them.

But without the sea sickness lah.

And I was seriously left in awe.

I'm not going to share too much technical details about these game-changing vessels (you can check out David's defense blog Senang Diri for that!)... except for the most important fact that they're Uniquely Singapore!

Why "uniquely Singapore"? Because these 8 LMVs are actually built here in Singapore, right on our very shores. Based on a design jointly developed by ST Marine and Saab Kockums AB, these warships are built by ST Engineering’s subsidiary ST Marine (ST Marine) locally and will replace the RSN’s Fearless-class patrol vessels (PVs), which have been in service for 20 years.

And the general overview that they are Smarter, Faster, Sharper!

You guys know me, I am quite the bimbo (unashamed to admit this lol) and being the only female blogger at the session, I didn't really understand the techy stuff that got the rest of the boys excited BUT I was honestly very impressed with the advanced combat capabilities and technologies that come with these LMVs. And the fact that they are developed and built right here in Singapore which takes our RSN's ability to a whole new level. (I was bursting with pride - seriously, how many countries can claim that they have their very own vessel?)

The first LMV, Independence, was launched last Friday (majorly bummed that I couldn't attend the launch as I'm in Bali) :sob:

I actually felt quite... emotional when they mentioned the significance of the Independence name. It was the name of our first ship we bought as a new nation back in 1968 and well, we celebrate 50 years of independence today. I was just telling a friend the other day that even though my schedule's quite crazy these days, I always try to make time for SAF events and she asked, "Cause of your hubby OR cause you are patriotic like that?"

I paused for a second, before replying, "Both. Cause I'm a proud Singaporean military wife."


Haha. I love the hubs but I love Singapore as much, if not more.

Congratulations RSN on this new milestone!