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7 years ago / girlfriends / personal

Yesterday was girls’ night out!


Yesterday was girls’ night out!

Befriending these babes during my junior college years is one of the top 3 things that has ever happened to me in these (almost) three decades of existence.

We had dinner at Marche - somewhere we haven’t been to in years - and over rosti, crepes and salads, it felt like we were once again 17-year-old giggly school girls who took bus 36 into town every day.

(Though the salad wouldn’t have been the choice of carbs-loving teenagers with crazy metabolisms back then.)

We laughed, we gossiped… things got a little bitchy as some parts, and it felt like the 10 years since JC hadn’t happened.

THEN we caught a 940pm movie! Even though it was a weekday.. ohhh naughty us!

Edge of Tomorrow was goooooood!

We practically had the theatre all to ourselves so we whispered in the dark, gushed at Emily Blunt and laughed heartily without restraint at the funny bits.

I almost forgot I had a husband hahaha… "Oh is that Garry messaging me to say goodnight? Never mind, he can wait."

Two hours later, we each took a taxi back, reaching home after midnight and didn’t hit the sack till past 1! Go us!

And exactly 7 hours later, the contents of our Whatsapp group chat?

"OMG I’m so damn tired!"

"Urgggh let’s not do this again!"

"Gosh… We are really getting old!!"

Glad to be growing old with this buncha peeps :)