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Some thoughts

6 years ago / personal / working girl

Some thoughts on yesterday's Strait's Times.

I woke up yesterday morning to a few Whatsapp messages of the cover of Sunday Life.


To be honest, when I agreed to the story (which was conceived before Christmas Eve), I really didn't know it would be of this scale... I was told it was going to be a "feel-good story" and they wanted my views also as a business-owner. I had agreed to the interview thinking I would be quoted here and there in the article, not unlike my previous minute appearances (mostly when I was interviewed for random current affair pieces or when I had hired a calligrapher for my wedding cards.)


While I am humbled by this feature (and honored to be placed alongside names much bigger than mine), I had actually mentioned right at the beginning of the interview that I don't really see myself as an Influencer, but "somebody who blogs".

This blogging thing started during my secondary school days as a literature student (gosh, those embarrassing poems I used to write), at the time when EVERYONE had a blog. Then everybody stopped writing while I continued to document my life, starting businesses (and closing them when they weren't viable), relocating to Thailand, moving back to Singapore, wedding planning etc and eventually getting my own Instagram account last year so I can stop hijacking @clubcouture's with my random ramblings.

So thank you, Straits Times and Bryna for my two seconds but moving on, I still don't think I'd consider myself an Influencer as what most of us know the term as (I also know I'm too old for it lah!!) - I just plan to continue writing about my life, the brands I love, and hopefully even I have my hands full playing Tiger Mom ;)