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Still alive, but...

4 years ago / personal / working girl

Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

Wow. It's certainly been a while huh.

It felt kinda strange typing my password (no, it isn't hotkitty123) into the log-in page.

My last proper post was over a month ago and in this social media realm I'm involved in, it's like a decade or more. Possibly a century. And it wasn't even a good post.

And that's the problem... I kinda stopped writing in this space because I felt that I haven't really had the time to sit at my computer to type properly and I was just updating for the sake of doing so. While it appears that the quality of my posts have improved (I mean, look at the pictures I take these days!), I feel that this blog is no longer as personal as it used to be... and I miss that.

"Is it burnout?"

I doubt so. Because I still pretty much eat, breathe and live social media. Ever since I turned it into my livelihood and the new project I've been talking about? It's now OFFICIAL! Registered business, funding settled, roadmap planned and all woohoo. And yes, I WILL announce it properly soon.

I guess I can attribute my absence to a lot of other things too - travelling (Taipei was awesome!), work (finalising the venture, acquiring new clients, new office space etc), my new baby dog (omg he's the cutest thing ever) and my recent obsession with juicing (the Nutri Blizer has been my favourite buy of 2017 lol) but truth is, I just didn't know what to write here anymore. I found myself questioning myself every day about what do I exactly want to share here.

I mean, I do want to share about my travels, the new shampoo I'm using, my new dinner haunts... but I don't want to be pigeonholed as a "social media influencer". I felt that 2016 was kinda like that... remember my reflection piece? I actually defined my year by my travels wtf. Maybe it's because I had pulled out of the fashion retail biz that my identity was largely tied to and because I don't talk much about the OTHER work I do... it just seems that I had become one of those cookie-cutter "influencers" which while I have nothing against... I just don't want my success in life to be defined by how many commercial jobs I take on in this space. Or what I wear. Or how many bottles of beauty products I've held next to my face.

Which ironically, 2016 has been one of my most successful years ever - both on the blog front, and off it.

If you have been following me since the beginning of time lol, you'd know I started updating about my life (almost daily) under my previous moniker (no, not hotkitty123 also) since my secondary school days. Which makes it a good 18 years wtf. From cryptic late-in-the-night poems about my first heartbreak to my business at 19 to moving to Thailand and eventually making it to 30 and honestly, I feel that anybody and everybody can be an influencer. My mother-in-law has the influence to stop me from drinking cold water in the morning "because it's bad for health" so well, she's an influencer in my life, no? As for me, not-so-humble bragging here maybe lolol, my influence probably comes from the readership here which came about from me just being me, leading my everyday life and sharing about it here.

And as I ended one entrepreneurial journey and with the rest of my work being too covert (come on, I don't even tell MY HUSBAND about what I do)... I felt kinda lost about this blog's direction. Especially since I sit on the communications panel of some Ministry and am involved in some government-related work, I can't help but wonder if this space is being watched 24-7. Like can I still use wtf without being judged lol?

Also, while I used to express my angst over certain issues on this space (RSAF officer where got rude?! OMG You entitled strawberry generation!), these days I find it much more gratifying to verbalise it to my good guys and more often than not, they will take it to which to be honest, reaches a broader and more targeted audience than this blog. (So moral of the story, please follow Unscrambled, thanks!)

But... the good news (I suppose?) is that after the long (social media AND juice) detox and with the new venture seeing light, I am finally ready to blog again because I can soon share about the biz and my journey. YESSSS I CAN BE ENTREPRENEUR AGAIN LOL. Still hate that term by the way.

More importantly, I think I've figured out the direction of this blog now and it feels good to be back. I can't wait to roll out the new posts and more (personal) content for you guys!

Sorry for my absence and thanks for sticking around. You have no idea how much I appreciate it x.