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Street Style From New York Fashion Week

4 years ago / Hidden

New York City Fashion Week, being one of the most outgoing and influential fashion marvels, traditionally take place in February and in September since 1943. Representatives of the fashion industry, reporters, show business stars, socialites and thousands of those who eager to learn first what is trendy in the next season. This is the best way to know all the main fashion news, to watch the best collections, exclusive backstages, as well as to take a look at the most stylish guests of the unforgettable event. Then, New York passes the fashion banner to London, Milan, and Paris.

A long time ago, the fashion went out onto the streets of big cities, and New York's clothing predominance is a vivid proof of that. Designers admire the street style for its freedom, practicality, and expression. They often take this fashion as a ground of new ideas to invent new silhouettes, colors, and fabrics for their further collections. Last time in New York City, the fashion fans were excited to see the most striking trends of street fashion for the coming fall season 2017, some of them are following.

Offering coats and dresses with floral prints, denim jeans with high waist and business suits of delicate colors, NYC street fashion gurus of 2017 revised again the concept of femininity. Following the current trends in modern society, Victoria Beckham created a collection for women who want to have more opportunities. Together with patterned or textured skirts and trousers, she effectively stands out against the background of the prevailing minimalism. Prabal Gurung, like many other designers, mixes politics and fashion, but he managed to do it without any aggression. White dresses in classic style, skirts and trousers with geometric prints, dense fabric shirts with lace inserts, refined pastel shades and khaki, sports wear with asymmetric lines and high-waisted jeans in the style of the 90s have dominated. Nevertheless, an impressive number of women incline to graphics and rock attributes. Rock and pop cultures, cartoons, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson portraits inspired Jeremy Scott to create a daring fall-winter collection. The guests of the show demonstrated a vivid excitement to see how designers tried to combine elements of underwear and vintage styles with trend accessories and how effectively some heroines of secular chronicles used to wear very simple, concise clothes like night dresses and vests with jeans. As a part of NYC men’s fashion, designer Ingo Wilts continues to revise the imagery series and Hugo Boss’ codes, betting on sport, relaxation and holiday style. Michael Kors also proved it in his collection, which was based on the classics, but it also had a clear hint on the glamor and an eternal holiday.


For the fall street style fashion, designers gravitated toward monochrome, emphasizing the undeniable sense of style. One of the primary colors that was noticed at the event in New York was the red one. Women perfectly know that this mottled color attracts attention to them. Also, the classical colors dominated - bordeaux, black, red, beige, as well as delicate caramel shades. In this way, in the building of the old theater in Harlem, where there were only standing places, Alexander Wang showed a collection of all black casual outfits like here diluted with small fractions of gray, which is relevant most only to the nyc men’s fashion, but to women’s one too.

Multi-layered Images

Relaxed multi-layered images were preferred by many guests of the fashion show. A free silhouette, a combination of different textures, colors and lengths guarantee not the only comfort during a fashionable marathon, but also the deserved interest of street photographers.


Outerwear of fur was an another key trend in the fall street style. Especially relevant are the fur coats, both natural and artificial, of bright colors, as well as fur clothes made by patchwork technique. Undoubted favorites are fur collars, boas, carelessly thrown over shoulders, and hoods, decorated with fur.


Choosing a headdress, designers offer the classical hat-fedora. This wardrobe item refreshes every image and brings a bit of mystery and charm to the bearer. Someone would prefer a romantic and coquettish image of the hat with small brims, and someone chose a hat with wide one.

The NYC street style was pleasantly impressed by the variegated and original ideas. New York, as the place for all the most relevant and amazing, justified again the appellation of the most democratic and universal capital of fashion. In the future cold season, the fashion tendencies will look unique if you follow the feeling of comfort and confidence in woman’s beauty.