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Part time Jobs in Singapore

6 years ago / lifestyle / working girl

Part time jobs for youths, tertiary students and young working adults in Singapore.

So, you guys remember how I had previously written about my relationship with my father?

One of those things I wrote about was how my father wasn't exactly the most generous when it came to money.

Don't get me wrong, he didn't deprive me of anything but he had inculcated in me a strong sense of thriftiness and if you want something, you gotta work for it.

So well, worked hard I did - like literally wtf.

I didn't get allowance during school holidays (allowance was strictly "pocket money" for SCHOOL) so if I wanted to go out with my friends for a movie or to Seoul Garden to celebrate the end of exams (haha remember those days?), I would have to dig into my savings or take on some part time jobs for students.


This is me in secondary school. So geeky and all.

Ok fine, I lied. This was taken at a Halloween party at Butter Factory circa 2011 and I had chosen a particular girls' school uniform as my costume. Boring, I know.


This is really me in secondary school. And I DID go to a girls' school.

I won't say which is me cause this isn't exactly the most glamorous photo of me but if we're friends on Facebook, you can PM me your guess and I can tell you whether you're right or wrong. Haha.

Anyway I digress.

So, back in my time, part time jobs in Singapore were honestly quite limited.

It's either you work at a fast-food restaurant, or be a waitress or retail assistant and that's about it. Thankfully, I was a pretty good student and contrary to my Ah Lian demeanor, I actually got straight As throughout (sorry, not so humble brag) so I ended up giving tuition to primary school kids.

Also, back in my day, there was only ST Classifieds, no professional online portals dedicated to part time jobs singapore.

Like! ( was started in May 2014 to help youths, tertiary students and young working adults develop their career capital and achieve their career aspirations.

I was taking a look at the part time jobs listings they have and WHY SO COOL WAN?

Got recruitment assistants, beauty advisors, content writing strategists to even wealth relationship managers? :astonished:

I spent a good 30 minutes checking out the site (by the way I really like how it's so sleek and easy to use!) and told the husband that if my business doesn't do so well anymore, I should just take on one of these part time jobs. Since they have something for everyone - whether you're a student, or fresh graduate looking to earn some income while you build up your business (#truestory).

You should totally check Stroff out now!