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6 years ago / married life / personal

Sweet-nothings from the husband

I woke up to this message the other day.


Because it was addressed to the husband's name but to MY phone, it got me particularly excited because I certainly wasn't expecting any delivery that day.

Could it be that he'd ordered me a surprise? FLOWERS????

That got me even more excited and I wrecked my brains, trying to figure out what surprise it could be and WHY. It wasn't our wedding anniversary, not our bf-gf anniversary, not the day we met... so WHAT COULD IT BE?

And because I absolutely CANNOT handle any suspense, I decided to message him about it.


If you look at the timestamp, you can see that he had read the messages, but there was no reply at all for a good 6 hours.

CONFIRM got surprise for me!!! That's why he's not replying! I happily concluded.

So exciting!!!

So, I cancelled my lunch AND dinner appointments just so I can stay at home and wait for my present. ("Hey babes, sorry but I can't meet today cause GARRY'S SENDING ME SOMETHING!!!)

And we spent the rest of day discussing in the group chat what present it could be!

Flowers? I hope he remembers I don't like roses.

Or maybe it's the Marc Jacobs necklace I saw the other day but was sold out!

I even bothered to slap on some makeup just in case I need to take pretty pictures with my PRESENT.

As it turns out, what got delivered was simply my shopping loots from ASOS that I had completely forgotten about.


Sweet NOTHING it is indeed.