{ "posts": [{ "image": "/content/images/2016/10/_DSC0517sfsav.jpg", "url": "/get-unready-with-me/", "title": "Get unready with me", "excerpt": "My daily bedtime routine!", "date": "8 months ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2016/10/oavoes1.jpg", "url": "/shirakawa-go/", "title": "Shirakawa-go", "excerpt": "OMG I think I might have just caught the LAST lightup?!", "date": "8 months ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2016/06/balicvrhotel1.jpg", "url": "/where-to-stay-in-bali/", "title": "Where to stay in Bali", "excerpt": "How to glam it up in Seminyak and zen it out in Sanur, Bali.", "date": "a year ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2016/05/bkkcvr280.jpg", "url": "/bangkok-in-72-hours/", "title": "What to Do in Bangkok", "excerpt": "My quick and dirty guide to Bangkok!", "date": "a year ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2016/05/jd8394j.jpg", "url": "/rsaf-openhouse-2016/", "title": "RSAF Open House 2016!", "excerpt": "Military wife is military wife.", "date": "a year ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2016/05/daylongcvr12.jpg", "url": "/my-cetaphil-skin-commitment-video/", "title": "My Cetaphil Skin Commitment Video", "excerpt": "My first Academy Award's on the way! ", "date": "a year ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2015/11/bday30cvr1.jpg", "url": "/dirty-thirty/", "title": "Dirty Thirty", "excerpt": "It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!", "date": "2 years ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2015/05/llaocvr.jpg", "url": "/my-life-is-a-lie/", "title": "What I Instagrammed vs What I REALLY did", "excerpt": "Sorry guys, my life is a lie.", "date": "2 years ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2014/12/weddingcover33-1.jpg", "url": "/eat-drink-married/", "title": "OUR WEDDING", "excerpt": "Eat, Drink and Be Married!", "date": "3 years ago"},{ "image": "/content/images/2015/09/mwcvr123.jpg", "url": "/what-they-dont-tell-you-about-being-a-military-wife/", "title": "What they DON’T tell you about being a military wife", "excerpt": "Hi, my name is Flora and I'm a military wife.", "date": "3 years ago"}] }