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Around Taiwan with Chan Brothers Travel

3 years ago / travel / taiwan

Going around Taiwan in 7 days!

View from the top at Jiufen

Wenwu Temple, Nantou

Cable car ride overlooking Sun Moon Lake

Pineapple picking at Taitung

More of Wenwu Temple

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center, Kaohsiung

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I had went around Taiwan with Chan Brothers Travel and it was uber fun!

Now, Taiwan is no new destination to me having studied there and with my annual visits - in fact, last year I visited them twice! BUT most of my trips to the country have been confined to just Taipei. We often talk about exploring Kaohsiung or Nantou to see the famous Sun Moon Lake but transport wise, it sounded like a nightmare so we usually just drop the idea. Travelling on the 7D6N ALL TAIWAN TOUR with Chan Brothers really changed my mind about group tours and here's why!

Super comprehensive itinerary

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (it's actually a theme park!)

Their itinerary is so well thought out that what we cover in a day with them can be what I cover in an entire week with my folks lolol.


For example, there was one day (you can see our full itinerary here) that we started our day in Hualien, then took a scenic rail train ride to Yilan, ended up in Jiufen then Shifen to release sky lanterns and back to Taipei in time to explore the Taipei 101 building AND have a Brick House traditional Taiwanese cuisine dinner :scream:

And you think we'd be tired?

Coffee everywhere I go because I can finally enjoy CAFFEINE!

But nooooo, the day usually ends by 8pm and we don't have to set off till 8 or 9am the next morning which gives you plenty of time to sleep. Or explore the local night markets (or convenience stores in my case HAHA) because, who sleeps on holiday?

Besides, we got quite a few opportunities to rest on the coach as we move from destination to destination.

There's something for everyone

Raise the red lantern, Jiufen

From temples to farm stay and bustling Ximending, there's really a good mix of sights and activities. To be honest, I'd never have thought of checking out a pineapple plantation (but we did and managed to shoot one of my favourite shots of ALL TIME). There was also one night that we stayed at a super gorgeous hot spring resort - did you catch my hotel room tour on IG stories?!

I also particularly like how travelling Chan Brothers Travel is not limited to just sitting on the bus - they brilliantly incorporated opportunities for us to experience the Taiwan High Speed Rail and traditional rail train too!

Food & Accommodation

Waking up to Sun Moon Lake

The hotels selected by Chan Brothers Travel were all pretty good. Besides the hot spring resort that I was raving about which came with personal hot spring facilities in every room, I also really enjoyed my stay at our hotel in Nantou that offered a splendid view of the Sun Moon Lake right from my balcony.

Traditional bamboo rice

Food wise, we also got to experience traditional Taiwanese cuisine such as bamboo rice, aboriginal food and there was one day we had a Qien-Yen Taiwanese steamboat buffet lunch that came with... wait for it, free flow beer! I was more interested in the 1234567 types of ice cream available though lol.

And if you're basic like us, you can head to Din Tai Fung on your free & easy day in Taipei.

Sense of familyness

Not-So-Little Drummer Girl at Ten Drum Cultural Village, Tainan

Firstly, I got to say my tour guide was SUPER funny. He could crack a joke at every opportunity and made our bus rides feel like standup comedy sessions. Besides being humorous, he was also very knowledgeable and shared a lot about the history, culture and political insights of Taiwan which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's like tuning in to Discovery Channel every day! Chan Brothers also sent along a tour leader from Singapore to assist the group and I must say he was very meticulous and attentive to everyone's needs. There was one night that I can't be sure if I had left my retainers in the previous hotel at Hualien and he promptly helped me to call them up and made arrangements to have them sent to my next hotel in Taipei but as it turns out, they were in my suitcase all along ooops.

One of the best soups of my life!

Additionally, there's a sense of kinship amongst the group as we made friends and looked out for one another. There was one 80-year-old Ah Mah on the trip who was super fit (fitter than me omg) and kept asking me if I am tired from walking (haha the irony) and to eat more. She might or might not have said I was pretty too.

Free & Easy Day

Ximending, Taipei

One thing I like about this tour package is that while it is so well-guided, we still had a free day to explore Taipei on our own and they even provided us with a One Day Unlimited MRT Pass!

I feel that this is a good inclusion as everyone can get to do what they want to do without restricting others - for example, I spent my day trying to find my Japanese infant milk powder which tbh I'm sure no one else would be interested in lol. Didn't manage to find it though. BUT I managed to find Zakuzaku which is only like, the best croquant chou from Tokyo.

Overall thoughts

Would I go on a group tour with Chan Brothers Travel again?

Yes, yes and yes.

Logistically, it's just so much easier especially if I were to go on a family trip with my parents and/or in-laws because seriously, can you imagine having to lug our suitcases around from city to city?

Also, I don't think my jokes are as good to keep them entertained lah.

Ending this post with a video of our trip (omg my face so round like fishball cause I was stuffing it with bubble tea and street food every night),

You can find out more about the different Chan Brothers Taiwan tour packages, travel tips and special airfare promos at!