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Tefal Character Non-stick Series

2 years ago / food / lifestyle

Breakfast for the family with my Tefal Character Frypan!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me (actually food in general is very important haha) but you know the saying breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper?

I basically try my best to make sure my breakfast is as powerpacked as I can! Especially since I became a Mom, I make it a point to prepare breakfast before I leave home for work.

I cook quite a bit for my family (you can see my attempts on my IG highlights lol!) and besides using organic ingredients, I also make sure there is no salt and minimal oil and that I use safe and reliable cookware - because you don't want any of the coating from the frying pan to end up in your food, right?

We have been using Tefal for as long as I can remember and recently, I got the made-in-France Tefal Character Frypan (28cm). Beyond the sleek red exclusive exterior coating for easy cleaning, the high resistance titanium pro non-stick interior coating resists scratches and abrasion hence making it much more durable than the usual pots and pans.

One of the easiest (and nutritionally wholesome, to me lah) breakfasts I prepare for bubs will be french toast! I usually use wholemeal bread (we sometimes bake it ourselves) dipped in one beaten pasteurised egg and fresh milk (we use Organic Valley!) and just put it on the pan - without any oil. I love how the Tefal non-stick interior coating makes it healthier and easier for me to panfry my toast without adding any oil.

I cook on a conventional gas stovetop but the Tefal Character Non-stick Induction Series can be used with all hobs including induction.

After one side of the french toast is cooked, I will then flip it over and top it with tomatoes and blueberries. The practical frypan design makes my cooking experience extremely easy and pleasurable while the extra anti-warping induction base offers great performance, and ensures even heat diffusion.

To complete the meal, I will usually add some vegetables. The Tefal frypan has this exclusive Thermo-Spot indicator that turns full red to indicate the perfect temperature to start cooking. So once the Thermo-spot turns red, I’ll add in just a littttttle avocado oil (for flavour) and start sautéing my vegetables!

Can I also mention how I like the elegantly-designed maxi comfort handle that makes it so easy to toss up the vegetables in the pan?

If you prefer to cover up your vegetables while cooking, then you'll be glad to know that the pan also comes with a practical steam vent knob glass lid for total convenience during cooking.

Andddd breakfast is done!

The Tefal Character Non-stick Series includes,

  • Frypan (20cm/24cm/28cm)
  • Wok Pan
  • Saucepan
  • Shallow Pan
  • Stewpot

And you can purchase Tefal products at their Lazada store:

The best part? They will be having a 11.11 sale!

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Have fun and happy cooking!