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The all-new Grab!

5 years ago / lifestyle

Taxis, private cars, bikes, carpooling and delivery all in one app!

I think it's no surprise by now that even though we own a car, I actually don't drive most of the time - because it is just so much easier NOT to do so.

You don't have to deal with parking woes and can happy hour to your heart's content without being thaaat party-pooper going "Oh... but I drove." Plus, I get to sneak in another 15 minutes of sleep (very precious these days!) while I do my makeup on-the-go.

With the emergence of private car services under GrabCar, it is almost like having your own personal driver ranging from normal cars to 13-seater vehicles (perfect for huge families during CNY visiting!) and the best part is, it offers transparent, fixed fares so you know your exact fare even before you book.

(Okay, I know I'm starting to sound like those 1900-XXXXXXXX CALL-US-NOW home shopping network hosts but I'm reaaallyyy a huge fan of the app lah!)

Grab recently rebranded its app to bring together all its transport services under one brand.

Here are some improved features on the updated app that I really like!

Personalised locations

Your pick-up and drop-off points will be pre-filled based on your favourite places and this will allow you to book a ride in just two clicks!

Automated retries

The "auto-retry" minimises repeated booking attempts if you are unable to get a ride within the first attempt - I personally tried this out last Friday (you guys know HOW RIDICULOUS it can get to get a taxi on Friday evenings right?!) and this feature I swear, is a godsend.

Live driver tracking

So you know exactly where your driver is and can make that quick dash to the bathroom before he arrives.

(Or maybe she - I've had some really pretty female drivers too hehe :ok_woman:)

Additionally, I also LOVE how I can link my credit card/s to the app for cashless payment - you literally just hop in and hop out of the vehicle! - and the SAME app can be used in 6 countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand) across Asia. I foresee myself using a lot of it in Bangkok!

The Grab App is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play - and you can enjoy $8 off your first ride via this link

Have fun Grab-bing! xx