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The best froyo in town!

7 years ago / married life / food / personal

Brewerkz on Friday night!

Brewerkz on Friday night! What was supposed to be a quick dinner after stock-taking turned out to be a long night out with the boys.. me in glasses and all. Damnit - Thursday I had applied makeup (the full works!) cause I had a dinner tasting but they didn’t want to meet up after and when I look like crap, the husband decides to ask the whole jin gang out wtf.

I seriously think they have the best buffalo wings in town!

Nachos the way I like it - lots of sour cream and guacamole. I love avocado so much. It ties as my favorite food alongside salmon sashimi and edamame. I can jolly well survive on a diet of these three items only for the rest of my life.

Brewerkz actually serves really good food (passes my expectations) and beer (surpasses the boy’s expectations) and I think it isn’t doing as well as it should be. Compared to hipster joints these days that serve crappy food at ridiculous prices but with astonishing queues wtf. Oh well… makes it all the more easier for us to get a table on Friday evenings without reservations then.

Finally tried Llao Llao that’s all over Instagram… and I must say it’s good! There’s usually a really long queue for this (I’ve heard people queuing for over an hour wtf) but I managed to catch them at a good timing so I didn’t have to queue at all! Not revealing the time so that all 5 of you who read this post wtf will not compete with me when I head back for more…tomorrow. Heh

This was the Sanum - for $6.50, you get one crunch (I chose caramelized sunflower seeds or something like that), three fruits (blueberries, kiwis and strawberries for me) and 1 sauce (chocolate of course) that comes with a huuuugggeee dollop of froyo as you can see!

I’ll skip the strawberries next time cause they were really sour. More sour than the kiwis wtf.

New nails! I usually go for lighter/ more beige-y tones of nudes but this time round I tried a dark almost-brown shade of nude and OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! So obsessed with this color that I’m planning to stick with it for months and months.

Stuck to same old boring favorite shade of red for my toes and channeling my inner ah lian with leopard preens flip flops.

I’m still trying to figure out how to really use my camera. Learning to shoot in manual mode.. but trying to understand all the technicalities is like reliving A level physics all over again wtf.

So these days I usually play the damsel in distress card LOL and let the husband attempt to save the day.

I seriously think guys/ people who are good at science pick this up more quickly.

But FHL that I bought a pink camera hahahaha

Alright, going to bed now! Going to the Alive Museum tomorrow with the sister :)