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The big PROJECT 24 reveal

3 years ago / working girl

What I've been not so secretly working on.

Location: Hong Kong
Subjects: The minion, the camera and me
Mission: Waiting to eat the mostest bestest awesomest roast goose at Yat Lok

The above sorta sums up my life for the past year - travelling, with Smith, looking for good food, armed with our equipment and crew, and eventually with me planning content direction and him taking charge of things creatively.

If you have been reading this space, you'd have read my not-so-cryptic posts about us starting a social media agency and this is finally, the big reveal.

Here's introducing,

Project 24.

(And yes, that New York skyline pic was indeed taken by us.)

To answer some of your burning questions...

So what do you guys do?

Simply put, we eat, breathe, live social media.

(As if we don't already do so before this, so might as well make it our rice bowl lol.)

But if you want the specifics, we basically conceive and create digital content for brands and aim to make great stories come alive online by building meaningful conversations.

This means taking things from start to finish, from strategy (think brand development) to production (i.e. photography, film and copywriting) and eventually amplification - yes, I promise to connect you with influencers that are NOT just Flora Isabelle and Smithankyou lol.

We also handle techy stuff like SEO and media buying and if you haven't already guessed, we also manage

Why 24?


Hahahaha. Not just that. It's also my house unit number. As well as Smith's favourite basketball dude's jersey number.

(Fine, it's Kobe Bryant if you REALLY have to know.)

How did you guys meet?

Wah my face damn skinny here. Can't wait to botox again lol.

This is starting to sound like a creepy marriage interview lol.

But there was one day, Smith decided to invite me (of all events, I must add) to his business associate's birthday party. No, not those Frozen and Pokemon kinda birthday parties but one that involved lots and lots of alcohol. It was a very bizarre night -someone asking me Do you know what is pia zui? kinda bizarre wtf - and when I finally left the venue at 3am, I swore that I will one day write a book about the party.

Except that said guy heads a Fortune 500 company and I don't intend to have my postpartum panties sued off yet.

How did things happen?

In the last 2 years, my influencer (so to speak) career took off quite nicely and Smith was interested in photography and so I introduced him to my folks in Thailand and the rest like they say, is history.

Our first trip to Bali

But as you guys know (and it's pretty visible), I'm no sweet young thing hahaha and as much as I like applying makeup SOMETIMES, there are days that I enjoy using my brain more than my face. And branding strategy, content planning and social consulting are things that I would say pretty passionate about and so one thing led to another and I ended up going behind the scenes and creating content and doing consultancy work for some of my clients. I would say it's a natural progression?

There was also a growing demand for such services in Thailand where I spent a lot of time at and as I shuffled between Bangkok and Singapore, we decided to just officially set things up here in Singapore as well.

Is it just the two of you running the show?

We have a competent team of photographers, videographers, writers and assistants (thank god! cause if it's just me and Smith in the office I would have long ago killed him) but the expertise is still largely drawn from Smith's and my 15 years of PR, advertising, events management and social media experience.

What took us so long?

One of the very first shoots we worked together on

Well, actually the business has been up and running for a good 9 months now but I didn't exactly announce it because of a few factors.

We wanted to sign on a couple of both big-ish names and SME clients first so we have a decent portfolio and there was external funding involved which took what seemed like forever to be settled.

Also, well I got pregnant when the agency was incorporated and while I was absolutely damn sure I will be able to handle managing the business with the pregnancy and eventually Junior, I didn't want investors' and clients' confidence to be an issue lol. So I decided to wait two months after Junior's arrival before this announcement. Anyway, I was up and running 3 days after delivery and have been working throughout my no-confinement confinement. The partner (ya no longer minion lolol), however, was kind enough to let me go in the office only 3 times a week on top of client meetings lol.

But guess what bitches, I'M OFFICIALLY BACK.

Who are your clients?

Some of our work

Essentially, we aim to support,

i) Lifestyle brands

Food, fashion, travel and the likes - because these are our niche areas on social media if you follow us on Instagram.

ii) SMEs

Unabashed to admit, both Smith and I came from a background of running our own businesses and well, we know what makes SMEs tick. As such we understand budget constraints and will work on giving you the most bang for your buck. More importantly, we enjoy the process of watching businesses grow under our humble advice that's not limited to just social media, and like we always say, your success is our success.

iii) Things beyond the pretty pictures on Instagram

As much I seemingly do everything for the 'gram, Instagram isn't EVERYTHING. Haha.

Some of you might already know, I'm part of Mindef's Strategic Communications Expert Panel and things like how voices are shaped online and growing digital footprint really intrigue and excite me. Like what I always tell my clients, there's actually hardly anything social about social media these days and it being such finicky thing, what works today might not work one month down the road. Exciting, ain't it?

Also, we have gotten our stuff in Thailand and US quite nicely sorted out so if you're looking for regional and international opportunities, we can provide the support!

So, what's next?

Taiwan with the folks

Obviously I wrote this blog post to get your attention haha.

And if you're looking for social media work done, be it conceiving, constructing or connecting, hit me up at [email protected]

Or, if you prefer to deal with someone taller, darker and handsomer, then I suppose you can contact Smith.

In the meanwhile, please stalk our website, Instagram and Facebook and feel free to let me know anytime you want to catch a cuppa to talk shop/ anything social media related!

Thank you very much and may you live long and prosper!