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The day we ate the SAME food TWICE.

8 years ago / travel / food / malaysia / kuala lumpur

Stuffing our faces in KL!

When we were holidaying in KL, we only planned to do two things - have a good r&r break and of course, to eat our hearts out.

So on the second day, we finally left the very comfy Shangri-la and headed to KLCC and very naturally walked to Madam Kwan’s.

I think all the tourists decided to head to KLCC that day too because the entire mall was freaking crowded. We ended up queuing for a good 20 minutes before we finally got a table.

We ordered the usual favourites…


Assam laksa.


Char kway tiao.


And chendol. (The plate you see behind’s Nasi Lemak but I didn’t take a picture of that cause we were too busy stuffing our faces.)

To be honest, I found the charkwaytiao and the chendol very very good (not a fan of assam laksa to begin with) but the boy kept telling me that their standards seem to have dropped since our last trip to KL last year (which was a quick 2-hour stopover during our cruise).

I told him it was just him and his unrealistic expectations again at work.

After our meal, we passed a restaurant a few units away when the boy suddenly said, “I remember Madam Kwan’s to be here when we were here last year.”

That’s when we realised that it’s not cause their standards have dropped… but it’s because we were eating at the wrong restaurant!!


So I told the boy “it’s okay! We’ll eat here tomorrow then”.

And he replied, very seriously, “What do you mean tomorrow? WE ARE GOING TO EAT HERE NOW!!”

I thought he was joking but he was bloody dead serious.


So in we went to the Little Penang Kafe.


And he ordered the charkwaytiao, prawn noodles and chendol, despite me telling him that I was absolutely stuffed. FML.


The prawn mee was really good… based on the few mouthfuls of soup I tried.

The charkwaytiao here was wayyyy better than Madam Kwan’s with a very strong wok hei taste. But sadly, I was too full to enjoy it properly.


But a girl will always have space for desserts ;) This chendol was really good, but in my personal opinion, I prefer the one at Madam Kwan’s as it packed a stronger pandan aroma.

It was a good day out - we talked, we laughed, I grumbled about how I felt like I was being force-fed and it was nice to just enjoy each other’s company without worrying about work or exams.

But as much as I enjoyed the food, I don’t think I will be eating charkwaytiao or chendol for a very, very long time.

Both restaurants found at Level 4, KLCC.

Suria KLCC
Jalan Ampang
50088 Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Kuala Lumpur