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The Exorcist

5 years ago / food / personal

Who needs The Conjuring when you've got me?

Hi guys,

Sorry for MIA-ing from this space because I have been.... sick.

Though sick will not be the best word to describe how I felt.

Everything was fine at the start of the weekend (not very fine actually tbh, I was having a shitload of a time trying to shoot some commercial posts and WE WERE TOTALLY NOT INSPIRED) and then I came back on Saturday night to the worst stomach cramps OF MY LIFE.

I'm not exaggerating but words can't describe the intensity of the pain... I couldn't sit up, I couldn't lie down, getting into fetal position hurt, yet it hurt even more when I tried to pee (let alone shit, TMI?) and when I was not screaming, I was fumbling with my phone and tried to google 1234567 permutations of "sudden abdomen pain" before I concluded it was perhaps appendicitis.

In between screaming for my life and crying my eyes out... I never knew you could do both simultaneously.


I spent the past 72 hours contacting my insurance agent ("can you confirm if my policy covers BOTH private and public hospitals?!"), trying to decide if I should go to the A&E or specialist clinics (my brother-in-law is positive that I have a Helicobacter pylori infection wtf) and thinking if I should have my will drawn up...


And when I finally decided to head to the specialist clinic (cause 1. A&E's gonna take me bloody long and I ain't no time for that and 2. I think the A&E doctors are just gonna tell me that I ate too much or something, like stahp being so greedy gurrrllll cause according to the hubs "you don't look sick at all" wtf),


I woke up this morning all fine and dandy.



So yup, I'm good, fat bear's good, everything good's and I can't wait to eat my heart (and belly) out later at the Geylang Serai bazaar!


Psst, pictures were taken at Arteastiq when Stephiie was in town and we tried to do the whole come-let's-have-tea-and-be-girly Instagram thang when really, I was just alternating between...

Where is my food...



The struggle is real.

333A Orchard Road
04-14/15, Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238867

(By the way, the eggs benny on crab cakes were totally #onfleek :ok_hand:)

(And no, we didn't art jam. Because seriously, ME? ART JAM? Hahaha)