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The sweetest dog in the world

4 years ago / burger the sheltie

My heart is so full I kuhnot.

This is the face of the sweetest dog in the world.

Burger has been with us for six - coming to seven - months now and we have kinda established our own special routine.

Every night when it's time to go to bed, I'd whistle (or rather, attempt to. I basically go "wooooo hoooo" in a very high-pitched voice lol) and he would drop whatever he's doing and follow me up the stairs. Then he would look damn miserable while I wash his paws (told you guys I'm crazy when it comes to this hygiene thing these days), wait for me to towel dry them then promptly climb onto his white fur rug (featured in the picture above) and try to sleep.

He usually gets up at 630am - regardless of the time he sleeps. Weekends included lol. And the first thing he does will be to come to my side of the bed and nudge me with his nose... sometimes I pretend to ignore him and he will then promptly put his two front paws up on the bed (that's why I wash them every night!!!!) and WHINE. I would then get up, play with him (with my eyes half open) for 5 minutes or so before we go down the stairs together and eventually opening the main door for him to go to the garden and pee.

It doesn't work with the hubs unfortunately. We tried several times to get him to do the honours of bringing Burger down but he would REFUSE and come over to my side of the bed and WHINE EVEN LOUDER. Until I get up and personally escort him down.

Two nights ago however, he nudged me at 1am. Which was really strange given his habits so I thought he was in a toddler bratty phase (he's 9 months old which makes him 5 in human years) and told him to "Close your eyes. Go to sleep!" which he's supposed to understand. But he started whining REALLY loudly and scratching at the door so I opened it.

(Now thinking back, I was really brave lolol cause WHAT IF SOMETHING FKING SCARY APPEARED AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR?!)

Then he started running down the stairs which again is not him cause he normally waits for me to go down with him... step. by. step. So I chased (I use this term very loosely given my size now lolol) after him and found him waiting by the main door. I opened it and he dashed out to pee / poo in the garden.

After which he came in the house, we went up and both went back to bed.

He woke me up again at 230am.

This time round, I went out with him to the garden (instead of standing in the living room like I usually do) and realised that the poor boy has the runs.

The same thing happened again at 340am, 5am and 630am.

Every single time, he would wait for me to wake up so he can do his business in the garden. Never once did he do a frozen (let it go, let it gooooo) on me in the bedroom and we're talking a puppy here. It pains my heart to know that he wasn't feeling well and even more so to know that he controlled his bowels all the way down three storeys and seven flights of stairs.

(By the way, he has been toilet-trained since Day Two and never once have we had an accident in the house... though I know I'm probably jinxing things with this statement lol.)

Anyway, he's feeling better now - at least I think so cause the diarrhoea's gone, he has a healthy appetite and is happily playing with his toys - but I thought I should write this down... so that should the day ever come that he chews up my favourite Balenciaga lolol, I will try shall not reprimand him.