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The Sweetest Present

Sweetest present EVER from the hubs!

Over the years, the boy has surprised me with quite a few presents. But today I think I received the sweetest present from him.


A tape dispenser lol.

It’s probably the cheapest present (if you can even call it a present) he has ever given me, especially when compared to the Classic Flap Jumbo he got me for my birthday previously.

But you see, I have been doing some craft stuff for work the last few nights and he had seen me fumbling about with the roll of tape and scissors in the study.. with my tongue sticking out and me lamenting that I’m so ruining my nails by trying to “scrape” the end of the tape up.

I’m like really really really bad at art & craft.. there’s a reason why I FAILED it in school and nobody EVER fails art wtf.

So I came back today after sending him off at the airport.. to see this tape dispenser on the table along with 8 rolls of tapes haha.

Sometimes, it’s really the little things that count :)