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The third decade

6 years ago / food / personal

Everyone's turning 30!

Like duh, of course everyone I know from school is turning 30.

So anyway I felt like a getai singer of sorts over the weekend cause I got to 跑三场

First up was darling Ern's birthday dinner at Syun!

Was really looking forward to it because you know, celebrity chef restaurant and all.

This Sea Urchin Rolled by Wagyu Beef was amazing and indeed lives up to its raving reviews all over the Internet. In fact, I prefer the uni here than what I got in Japan!

But sadly, that's where the compliments end. Service was severely lacking and we had to put up with a ridiculously rude server ("Ya your food is coming!") and it took over 1.5 hours for us to be served our main course which I wouldn't mind if not for the fact that I have birthday drinks arranged with another group of friends.

Thankfully, I finally made it to Grand Copthorne for Jac's birthday drinks. (Their suite comes in a pretty good size and is very well-maintained especially for the price you pay. Great for staycations!) So anyway, after a round of Patrón, Baileys and champagne, I was well-prepared to call it a night (it was wayyyyy past midnight! Cinderella's gotta sleep too you know) but nooo... they went on to live it out at Zouk while 本小姐 stoically made it to Beerfest.

So after some beer (duh - it's BEER fest) plus the sake we had at dinner, I ended up merlion-ing like I did at 19. Except that 10 years on, I now have more cow sense despite being in a semi-comatose state NOT to puke on my shoes.

The next morning, I woke up with a hangover so bad I ended up missing my Terminator Genisys movie :(

Guess I'll have to stick to coke then.


Which happens to be very aptly named AH MA fml.