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The World’s Most Romantic Cities

5 years ago / Hidden

Sometimes you want to dilute gray everyday life with a drop of beauty and romance. “Where can I go on a journey in order to satisfy my aesthetic and spiritual needs?” – You may ask. So, the most romantic cities in the world are Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna and, of course, Prague. And here is what you can see:


1. Paris

Paris! What can be more romantic than walking with your loved one along French streets, drowning in greenery? Here you can enjoy French cuisine and also visit the numerous museums, galleries, and theaters. A unique pleasure can be obtained from the architecture. Being in Paris, it is definitely worth visiting the Louvre, which is famous for its museum of decorative art. Climbing up the Arc de Triomphe, gorgeous and breathtaking view of the Champs-Elysees stretches in front of you. The most famous place for which most people come to Paris is the famous Eiffel Tower. A delightful view will not leave you indifferent. And a boat trip along the river Seine is perfect for a romantic time. If you want to get more impressions and emotions, it is better to do the river trip in the evening hours or even overnight.

2. Venice

Venice is the true paradise for lovers. This romantic city is saturated with passion and love. It is located on one hundred and twenty islands, which are connected by four hundred bridges. You can take a boat trip on river trams or arrange a romantic walk on the gondola. Go to St. Mark’s Square, where traditionally, regardless of the time of year, all sorts of celebrations are always arranged. You can get an incomparable pleasure by climbing the bell tower where the splendid views of Venice open. Also, the Doge’s Palace, the Gallery of the Academy, and St. Mark’s Basilica are worthy of your attention.

3. Rome

This ancient city is saturated with history. The Colosseum is an ancient monument of architecture that has survived to this day. The beautiful city is also famous for the Pantheon. No less breathtaking is the Theater of Marcellus. Rome impresses with its number of cathedrals and churches: St Paul’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Cathedral of San Giovanni in Laterano, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin, and so on. You will be surprised by the number of squares and fountains. It burns with millions of lights and Rome is transformed at night. You can enjoy this beauty in a cafe or some restaurant, drinking real Italian wine.

4. Vienna

Another corner of romance is the Austrian Vienna. This is an inexpressible storm of emotions, passion, and pleasure. It is these feelings that overwhelm you during a walk on a ferry across the Danube. And you can spend an unforgettable romantic dinner on the Viennese Ferris wheel and enjoy the taste of Austrian strudel to the sounds of the Viennese waltz. A walk to the famous Viennese forest will immerse in a romantic tale of two loving people.

5. Prague

Prague is the city of small houses with tiled roofs and narrow medieval streets. In Prague, lovers will be met by two pleasant surprises. One of them is two houses, merged into a dance – you can watch the dance of these two “lovers” from the Charles Bridge. Also, there is another loving couple – the tower Adam and the tower Eva. In the hot summer days, Adam “covers” his fragile Eve from the scorching sun with his shadow. In Czech Prague, there are many places where you can walk alone, for example, Charles Bridge or the Central Square. Architecture anywhere in Prague will inspire you and immerse you in times of gentlemen, balls, princesses, and beauty.

The article is based on the opinion of the lovers of traveling from Romance Compass.